Monday, June 26, 2006

Top 10 of the Top 111 Worst Songs. Ever.

Here's the Top 10 of AOL's 111 Worst Songs Ever:

#10 ~ "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion (Ugh!)

#9 ~ :::gasp::: "The Macarena" by Los Del Rio (NO! I protest vigorously! "She's Having My Baby" is WAY worse than this!!)

#8 ~ "Ebony & Ivory" by Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder (is it really *that* bad? C'mon - there is good and bad in everyone...side by side on my piano keyboard oh lord why don't we? Can't you see the children standing, side by side, holding hands, swaying and singing?)

#7 ~ "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred (again - NO! I protest! The song is definitely cheesy, but the worst? It's fun and catchy. I'm too sexy for my blog.)

#6 ~ "I Am Woman" by Helen Reddy (yes I am wise, but it's wisdom born of pain ~ that's some deep shit, people)

#5 ~ "Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer (I reject that totally! This song was theshit when it was out! Who compiled this list?! I need to have some words...sound the bell, school's in, sucka)

#4 ~ "Barbie Girl" by Aqua (I couldn't believe this was actually a song. One of my students (Cassondra) at Birmingham HS brought it to my attention...wrapped it plastic, it's fantastic - ah ah ah yeah)

#3 ~ "She Bangs" by Ricky Martin (*Finally* - something I can agree with. Even though I would have put William Hung's version here. Or higher.)

#2 ~ "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice (#2?! OMG - what can be worse than *this* song? Dawnee & I were just talking about Ice ripping off Queen and how he tried to say there was a difference in the riff. *LMAO*)

#1 ~ "Who Let The Dogs Out?" by Baha Men (Ohhhh...OK. *This* song is definitely worse than "Ice Ice Baby" I agree! I agree!)

I can't wait for the list to rewind so I can hear it from the end!