Sunday, August 31, 2008

drum roll please...

Introducing my Fantasy Football team...Victorious Secret

I know! Brilliant :)

So the guys don't forget they are losing to a girl!

Tom Brady, QB, NE
Braylon Edwards, WR, CLE
Willis McGahee, RB, BAL
Kellen Winslow, TE, CLE
Julius Jones, RB, SEA
Nate Burleson, WR, SEA
LenDale White, RB, TEN
Green Bay Packers D
Ricky Williams, RB, MIA
Bernard Berrian, WR, MIN
Darrell Jackson, WR, DEN
Nate Kaeding, K, SD
Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, NYG

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pray for farts ~ update

Went to visit Barbara @ the hospital today. She looks great! Much better than I expected, that's for sure. Tube through her nose, down her throat into her stomach - but she's spirited, talkative and positive. She's been passing gas which she says is a very good sign.

Surgery last Friday removed about four feet of her colon, the tumor and lymph nodes. The tumor was malignant, most of her colon distended and three of the 60 lymph nodes tested positive for cancer. Stage 3A colon cancer is completely treatable *and* beatable! Whew.

We enjoyed our lazy Saturday, chatting about this, that and the other...then I left so she could nap.

I am so relieved at this good news. It really was great to see Bo, spend some time with her.

Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pray for farts

Barbara ~ known to her friends as Bo ~ has colon cancer. She's 44. She is 44! FUCK CANCER!

She's the most GOOD person I know! Bo has the hugest heart with an amazing capacity for love and unending patience...always positive, always there with a shoulder for crying, an ear for listening and a wide array of home-baked goodies for soothing. And now, she lies in a hospital bed fighting for her life. Hey Cancer, fuck off!

We'll see here this weekend, as she asked us not to come tonight. Yesterday was a bad day; she seemed to be in a positive-frame of mind today. Before hanging up, I asked what, if anything, she needs or what I can do. She said "Pray for farts. Seriously! Pray that I pass gas, it's a good thing!"

So, I will pray for farts. If there was a Fart Dance - like a Rain Dance - believe me, I'd do it.

Fantasy Football, Baby!

Team Reese (in order of appearance):
  1. Tom Brady, QB, NE
  2. Braylon Edwards, WR, CLE
  3. Willis McGahee, RB, BAL
  4. Kellen Winslow, TE, CLE
  5. Julius Jones, RB, SEA
  6. Nate Burleson, WR, SEA
  7. LenDale White, RB, TEN
  8. Green Bay Packers D
  9. Ricky Williams, RB, MIA
  10. Bernard Berrian, WR, MIN
  11. Darrell Jackson, WR, DEN
  12. Nate Kaeding, K, SD
  13. Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, NYG

Not too bad, eh? I'm quite proud of myself! I chose 4th in this league of 12. This draft was the bright spot in an otherwise horrible day.

Now, I need a good name...suggestions?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Girl of 100 Lists ~ Plus Size Fashions online

For the past several months, I've become disenchanted with Lane Bryant and the Avenue. When I want basics (tees, camis, tanks) or need classic pieces (button-down shirts, cardigans), I will visit those stores. But, I want trendy! I want fashionable! I want fun!

Torrid ~ ~ hip, trendy and fashionable. I love that their TALL pants actually have a longer leg instead of a higher rise. The shorts, pants and crops have the perfect rise. The shoes go up to size 12 and are cut to accommodate a wider foot. Yippee! Always check out the clearance section ~ good deals to be found there.

Size Appeal ~ ~ for the confident curvy woman. Sexy tops, slinky dresses, great prices. It's shopping online, but the returns are no hassle.

Fashion Overdose ~ ~ my current obsession! The styles are surprising and hip. Click on the 'Collections' link on the left side to see how they throw unexpected pieces together to make great outfits. The quantities are limited, so if you see it, buy it!

B & Lu ~ ~ love the variety; recently reviewed the four pieces I purchased here

One Stop Plus ~ ~ one-stop shopping for Roamans, Jessica London, Chadwicks and the Avenue. Everything is here. Everything.

Igigi ~ ~ sexy, sophisticated plus-size clothing is their tagline - and it's appropriate. I have one top from Igigi; love love love it! This site has a feature which lets you shop by shape (hellooooo ~ brilliant!). I'll admit, I have occasionally balked at the prices. However, you really can't put a price on quality clothing that fits.

Kiyonna ~ ~ Ohhh, I love the Kiyonna! They seem to have their finger on the pulse of trends ~ gorgeous dresses, flirty tops, Spanx and Hollywood Tape (my personal lifesaver). Kiyonna has a boutique in Southern California which showcases its wonderful fashions.

If you're more about the mall experience, visit Macy's (the Self-Esteem line has *great* tops) or Nordstrom (Maggy London and Nine West dresses, Sweet Pea tops) or hit up Torrid to see their stuff up close & personal.

Oh ~ Old Navy has phased out their in-store plus-size selections/collections. These are now available only online at - nice basics and surprising trendy pieces; if you like, buy it - the stuff sells out quickly!

For more reviews, links and all fashion-related things for the plus-size gal, check out Fashionista +

it's the power of the pen y'all

So...'member when my car broke down a coupla weeks ago? I rant about it here. And that was that.

Until yesterday.

I got this comment:

Hello, my name is Dan and I am the field manager of the Automobile Club of Southern California's Contract Stations Relations office in Burbank. After reading your blog, I'm more than troubled. None of our contracted service providers are to advise or encourage any Autoclub member to any specific auto repair facility. The only time a service provider can give repair location advice is when it is requested of him/her by an Autoclub served member. As indicated in your blog, you clearly knew where you wanted your vehicle to be taken to and serviced by. And you clealy conveyed your directions to the service provider. No repair advice should have been forthcoming from him/her. I would be very appreciative if you would give me a call at (phone number removed by me) so I can gather more details to your circumstances and address with the applicable contracted service provider.

Hmm. Interesting.

Of course, I googled the dude and the phone number (seriously, God bless Google!). The number is a legit one connected with AAA. So, I call. Did not know it is illegal to 'advise or encourage' Auto Club members to use a particular mechanic. He asked me to repeat my experience, asked a few questions and said he'd get back to me. We hung up.

Crap! I forgot to ask how he found my blog. Called him back. He said it came down from the top, from an SVP who had been told about my blog post. The SVP passed it to someone, who passed it to someone who passed it to Dan to handle.

Damn. Power of the pen, y'all.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fashion Review - B & Lu

It's a fashion post! It's a fashion post! Call your friends. I'll wait...

B & Lu ( ~ Plus Size On Trend

I am new to the b&lu bandwagon. Lys has purchased items (snagging a sweater I really really wanted) and extols the virtues of the b&lu. I've perused several times. Last week, I took the plunge. Let's review, shall we?

Item #1 ~ the Jacey Jacket (silver or gold - I got gold) - $26.00

Gorgeous jacket! I ordered a 3x, which fits fine across my back and shoulders - my trouble areas. However, it doesn't button up. Looking at the website photos, the way the jacket fits the model is how it fits me. I'm okay wearing the Jacey Jacket open over a shirt. Seems well made, material is good; the color is more of a dirty/burnished gold color. I'll keep it! Grade: A-

Item #2 ~ the Willa Hoodie (sage) - $38.00

Love at first sight! Ruffles? Love! Deep V-neck? Love! Stripes? Love! I ordered a 3x and it fits just how I like a casual shirt to fit - a bit loose, very comfortable. The V-neck is deeeep. If you're daring enough, wear a plunge bra and flaunt the cleavage. If you're me, wear a lacy cami or tank under it. I'll keep it! Grade: A

Item #3 ~ Kylie Top - $28.00

Oooh, I love this shirt! Again, I ordered 3x thinking it wouldn't be as snug as described. Yeah, not so much. No matter - it's a darling shirt! I just won't wear it to work. The material is thin, so black bra is recommended. I'm pretty sure I'll keep this shirt; but I'll let it live in my closet for a few days and see if it's something I reach for. Grade: B-

Item #4 ~ the Vera dress $36.00

I love this dress. I don't love sequins. Looking at the dress on the model, I thought "Hmm. Not so bad. I could do it." I can't. Too much with the sequins and too close to my neck. The material is gorgeous, soft; the dress fits beautifully and is so comfortable. But the sequins? I just can't do it. It's going back.

I hope you check out B & Lu ~ great stuff, with some stuff in 4x and/or 5x.

Any other plus-size online shops I should check out?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

hodge podge

Feeling swirly and scattered; can't seem to find or focus on a blog I'm going random. Join me, won't you?

~ all about alliteration am I

~ went to a Wine @ Home party on Friday night with the Wineau. The Somersville Chardonnay was delicious! Exactly how I love that wine - oaky and buttery (more butterscotchy). I also bought of Reisling. I know! Those wines are way too sweet for me; this wasn't - will be perfect with spicy Thai food. Of course, I bought a couple of zins and a syrah. I am thisclose to capturing the The Wineau title.

~ dinner party on Saturday night with The Girls. A lot of sangria! Miraculously, my glass was never empty. We made ropa vieja (damn tasty), saffron rice and black beans. Boy did we grub!

~ one of my Gives from the past few days: found out my former boss is leaving the Company; called her and told her how she's been a mentor to me, taught me a lot and is genuinely one of my most favorite people at the Company. I am truly going to miss her.

~ so bummed Harry Potter has been moved to Summer 2009 for release.

~ discovered some new music & rediscovered some not-so-new music - O.A.R. ("how many times must I break til I shatter?"), Zero 7, the Transplants (thanks to the kid with the pink hair on Olive and Alameda!), World Party ('member them?!), 'Graceland' by Paul Simon, 'Boulevard' by Jackson Browne ("nobody nobody!"), Jerry Harrison, Carly Simon, Luscious Jackson and more.

~ Did you know has free mp3 downloads? Did you know has Deals of the Day - tremendously discounted top-selling albums (1999, Amy Winehouse, the Hold Steady, Peter Gabriel) and it changes everyday! Follow them on to get the deals...

~ looks like I'm heading to PhilaPA in November; let's hope the family cards align

~ soooo excited to see Ray Lamontagne play the Wiltern in October!

~ discontent

~ disenchanted

~ listening to the Fixx a lot lately; wow, such smart lyrics! Reminds me of the first few times I heard "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield (some segue, huh?). One word in one line had me running for a dictionary - "wanna tell her that I love her but the point is probably moot." A lot of songs from the 80s and early 90s had me reading through encyclopedias to discover meanings. Richard Blade would explain songs on KROQ, which would pique my curiosity, so off to the library I went! "Boom There She Was" by Scritti Politti, "Hello" by the Blessing, "Stand Down Margaret" by the English Beat, the entire Hurting LP by Tears for Fears.

~ spent a few hours with my Burbank Blvd girls the other night; it's such an easy time with you girls!

~ spending time with them had me reminiscing about the good times all the BFFs had together - really good, funny and fun times.

~ have you seen the fall fashions?! Good grief - I am in big trouble. Big. Huge. Was in Macy's today. Ai yi yi. Oh well. I'll look damn good come fall :)

~ other Gives - sent hand-written cards/notes to a few friends far away; gave myself a day of leisure - I read/finished a book on Sunday

~ did you know Spam comes in single-serving packs?? The price of 3 buys you a can, but sometimes I don't want a whole can.

~ going to see the English Beat with my Gentleman friend, who is quite Sophisticated and Refined thankyouverymuch, next month. Drinks and cameras!

~ peanut butter, hummus and Nutella

~ I want to be in a Fantasy Football league! But not the same one as last year - they were mean. to bed

Friday, August 15, 2008

gangsters and thugs

Sitting at the intersection of Olive and Alameda in Burbank, windows down, the Alarm's "Spirit of 76" coming through my speakers softly. The kid next to me is blasting some noise, ruining my "oh my friend oh my friend oh my friend" moment.

I wanted to turn, glare and mumble something which matched my mood. I didn't. Instead, I turned down my stereo to hear his. Damn. What IS that? The groove was good, grabbing and pulling me in. I rolled down my back window.

"Hey," I yelled out, keeping my eye on the traffic signal. "What IS that?"

Disgust on his face, he yelled back with a hint of I-could-totally-give-you-attitude attitude. "What?"

"What is THAT?" I yelled back, nodding my head in that dancing-while-driving sort of way.

He reached to turn down the volume, pulled his car next to mine so our windows aligned. "It's the Transplants - that's the band. The song is Gangsters and Thugs."

I smiled, yelled thanks and zoomed onto Olive. Thanks kid with the pink hair in the gray car in Burbank around 6:10 p.m.

iTunes, here I come...

Give A Little Bit ~ Day 4

"...and I bet you've had that feeling too - you can't laugh all the time." ~ Hold Back the Rain/Duran Duran

Very acerbic mood today, especially toward the end of the work day. I felt very put-upon with little consideration for my own schedule/to-do list. I felt things were pushed upon me which should not have been then chased down and chastized for not completing said tasks within someone else's time frame. By 5:30 p.m. I was done. And livid.

Not sure what my Give was for today...too caught up in my own discontent to notice.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Give A Little Bit ~ Day 3

She lived next door to me; then moved upstairs to the other end of the building. Now, she lives four or five zip codes away.

She is very smart and very witty (sometimes even witty in a smart sort of way); she always brings the funny ~ whether it's crazy stories of her youth (It's A Small World in her backyard, wheelbarrow and bags of cement are parts of my favorite) or L.A. stories with her friends. Her laugh is contagious and shakes her whole body. She knows rap lyrics like I know pop, which is surprising because she doesn't hear so well (Why'd he call her Asian?).

She listens and advises; gives support, encouragement and guidance. She gives sense to my feelings and notices a lot more than I think she does. She's wise and wants the best for herself and her friends. She's the Chickens to my 'cakes.

She's my BFF and today is her birthday.

Wishing you a day as wonderful as you are. And days full of joy today and everyday.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Give a Little Bit ~ Day 2

Woke up in the middle of the night, my throat was en fuego. I didn't think it would be strep; but I thought it could be strep. Called Kaiser, went in @ 3:30p.
(Weight down by two - yay! Blood pressure up by 8 - boo!)

Doc took a look, said it wasn't strep. "Great! Now I'm embarrassed that I'm here for a cold." He said to treat the symptom, get some rest (read: eat a bunch of cough drops/lozenges and get some rest).

Today's Give: didn't go to work thus saving my employees & co-workers; paid the parking fee for the person(s) behind me at Kaiser Hospital parking lot.

Still feeling crappy. Going back to bed.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Give I

Went to bed with a little tickle in my throat. Woke up with sore throat and chills. And I went to work.

I know, I know - I'm a horrible person!

I left at 11.

So, Day One of Giving ~ by not sticking around the office, I gave my co-workers health.

Huh, that was easy!

Back to bed for me...

Monday, August 11, 2008

blog post with no title

I have a good life. I am blessed in so many ways and thankful in so many more ways.

Lately, however, I've been feeling - for lack of a better term - off. I haven't been able to put my finger on it; haven't been able to fully describe it. Mainly because I just do not know what the heck it is or what the heck is going on.

Last week, I finally said it out loud: I am dissatisfied. OK, great; I'm dissatisfied. Now what? What do I do about it? What will satisfy me? I started writing and journaling again. Writing is such a release for me; and I didn't realize how much I miss those classes with Miss Pamela until I picked up a pen. Journaling is a different thing for me, to me. I don't censor, I don't think. I let whatever may come out come out.

For the past couple of weeks, I have allowed work and things going on at work to affect me. So much so that I've been looking for job opportunities outside of the Company. Yeah, I know. Shocked me, too! A particular line from the Fixx song "Deeper and Deeper" has inexplicably stuck with me - "I see the edge, I look, I fall." It's been on a constant loop in my head since I saw them in Hollywood a few weeks ago. When I think about my job, the loop runs louder and faster. I'm complacent in my role. I'm not chasing a title; I'm chasing change and challenge. I will be interviewing for a couple of positions inside and outside the Company. I see the edge I look I fall...

After coming to terms with my compulsive hoarding
, I shifted my focus to cleaning out and clearing out. Somehow, that became too overwhelming; so much so that I actually stopped. I've started with the piles again - magazines here, mail there, random stuff all around. I know this is bigger than me and I can't do it alone. I have to ask for help again. Why is that such a hard thing to do? Well, I gotta get over that - and fast!

Then, I found this:
29-Day Giving Challenge (Thanks to LA Blogger Gal!). I've signed up...and am challenging myself to give somehow, some way every day for 29 days. This will help me with the clearing out - I have purses for @mellerina, shoes for @moneke and clothes to give away. One of the rules states that giving is a ritual of progress, not perfection. I like that. Check it out...challenge yourself to 29 days of giving.

I have really rambled, haven't I? This isn't the blog I had in my head; it's just where I ended up.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

running on empty

I should really write things down.

Thursday morning I made a mental note to get gas at lunch or after work. Lunchtime was out - we went to Burrito Express. After work was the plan. Until Chickens IM'd - hey, let's go to Original Thai. OK!

Off to Original Thai, chat chat, eat eat, bye bye, hug hug. In the car, on auto-pilot, I drove home.


Fine. Mental note: get gas in the morning.


Woke up late, rushing off to work. I didn't get gas.


After work was the plan. Again. Until @illuminato emailed - hey let's do the new brew pub in Hollywood. OK!

Leave work. On Barham when I see the light The Light. What a funny little shape that is! What the...?! I prayed to make it over the hill and coast down to the gas station.

So much for prayer. In that situation at least. Friday night + Hollywood Bowl traffic + plus normal Barham traffic = Rissa running out of gas.

Pulled over into the parking lot of a liquor store. And waited for AAA. 37 minutes later, with half-tank of gas, I cruised into Hollywood to join my TwitterFriends for an impromptu TweetUp at a cool new brew pub.

Today, I am getting two things today - gas and post-it notes for my car.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Regeneration Tour 2008 ~ Los Angeles

What a great show! Holy crap!

I just walked in the door, sat at the comp and logged in to post this blog. I need food and a Vicodin (my knees hurt - I'm old) but I'm writing.

Holy crap! Hold on...must get moment please...

:::gulp::: Ahhh...there!

OK. Where was I?

Oh yeah - holy crap!

What an *amazing* show. Seriously. Regeneration Tour - Human League, Belinda Carlisle, ABC and Naked Eyes. Originally, Dead or Alive was on the bill; however at the end of June, Pete Burns pulled out due to illness. Boo! Flock of Seagulls was set to pinch-hit. Found out tonight we were 'Flock blocked' and left with only the four bands. Dead or what?! Flock of who?! Didn't need 'em!

Naked Eyes opened with 'Always Something There to Remind Me' - which puzzled me. Uh...biggest U.S. hit and ya open with it? Oh well. The Gentleman of Sophication + Refinement and I stayed outside, drinking margaritas, listening to Naked Eyes.

Richard Blade (whom I love) introduced ABC. I was up on my feet immediately. Martin Fry looked quite dashing in black shirt, pants + a rhinestone-studded blazer and he sounded spectacular! He sang the well-known songs plus one new song (which wasn't so bad), the audience standing for the entire set. Except for the guy next to me. He sat there. And applauded. No worries - I danced and sang enough for both of us. I had hoped to hear "All of My Heart" even though it's a slow song; however, I was stoked when he sang "Tears Are Not Enough" and "When Smokey Sings" - fabulous songs!

Belinda Carlisle was next. She looks great! She sounded better than I expected. She sang three Go-Go's songs. That's all I got. (it's sad how Circle in the Sand is still circling my brain)

The Human League. The stage was set with three mics in front; behind that were three stark white platforms - one with a drum machine, one with a synthesizer, one with a computer; behind that set-up were seven video screens. They opened with 'Mirror Man' - strong! Phil Oakey sounded great; but he was quite A.D.D./manic - he just couldn't stand still, running back and forth across the stage, jumping up and down. In between the songs, however, he would yell something ("Hello Los Angeleez!") then stand still. He was fun to watch. The girls - Susan and Joanna - did a few costume changes and danced throughout the whole set. I went more than a little crazy when they played "Love Action" ~ definitely the highlight! Ooh, "Lebanon" was good too. I think my knees popped out while dancing to that song. I don't care! It was sooooo fun and soooo gooood!

Saw several people from work and met a couple of The GoS+R's friends (Hi Dana!)...saw some a couple of interesting people - 6'6" guy in a bright pink short bob wig wearing (p)leather short-short set (his unshaven legs totally trumped the black lip liner + pink lipstick - 'member that look??) and the Pete Burns look-alike in tiiiight leather pants (the quarter in his pocket was tails) a spider web-looking vest with silver hoop connectors and he was rockin' the tall leather boots! He was fun to watch - at the show alone, dressed like Pete Burns, the dude has no confidence issues.

So, that was the show! I'm sure I glossed over some things and/or left out chunks of events. :::shoulder shrug::: I totally got Regenerated tonight!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Text messages received overnight from my VP:

"Your Louboutin is officially 'on order.' Mike is checking other stores to see if anyone has it yet."

"Mike thinks the silver will be the better color, but he'll let you decide"

:::doing the happy dance:::

Yippeeeee! I'm getting the clutch! I'm getting the clutch!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

the best laid plans...

The plan was simple: get up early, work on the apartment, go into the office for a few hours, drive down to Solana Beach for the English Beat show.

Uh, yeah. Not so much.

Finished with stuff at home, I was ready to head to the bank then the office. However, my car wasn't cooperating - dead battery. Sigh

Call AAA.
Wait 25 minutes.
"Yep, you need new battery."

"OK, fine."
"How will you pay?"
"How much is it?"
"Only $125."

Out $125 but the proud owner of a new battery, I drive over to the credit union near the studio. Mind you, this is 2 freeways and several city blocks from my place. Do my banking. Back in car. Car starts quickly; however it stalls.




Fine. Get AAA back on the phone - "Yeah, not sure what happened; just got new battery less than 30 minutes ago and my car is stalling." Grrr!

About 25 minutes later, another AAA battery truck shows up.

"Blah blah blah, computer something, I'll call a tow truck, blah blah blah, I know a good mechanic."
"Thanks, just take me to the dealership on Lankershim." He was appalled. Visibly.
"The dealership? Why? I hear they rip you off." Yeah, I'll bet you 'hear' that.
"The dealership knows my car. I know them. It's fine."
"You don't have a mechanic?"
I mention the name of a female mechanic who is well-known in the Valley. Again with the visibly appalled thing.
"Well, I know a really good place right there on Cahuenga..."
"The dealership is fine. Thanks." He walks away.

40 minutes later, the tow truck shows up. Right out of the gate he's on me about mechanic versus dealership; full-court press! I walked away.

"The dealership costs an arm and a leg. I know a really good guy..."
"Just take me to the dealership please. Thank you."
"You know they take advantage of women. I had a lady right before you who paid $6,000 for a new engine at the dealership. My guy would only charged $3,000. Dealership charges women more."
"It's a good thing I don't need a new engine."
"Are you su..."
"Look - I may not know a lot about cars, but I do know what I want. I want you to take me to the dealership. Thank you."

It was a long and silent ten minute drive. Until we made the turn into the driveway.

"Here's my card. Find out how much it costs, then call me. My guy will do it for half and I will tow you for free." He must get a good kickback from his guy...

Two hours and $99 later, I got my car. It also cost me frazzled nerves as I talked myself out of the drive down to San Diego for The English Beat show.

Let's see what tomorrow brings...

Friday, August 01, 2008

Come on get happy!

Have to get out of this foul I started a list of things that make me happy, make me smile:
  • remembering summer in our neighborhood ~ kickball in street, hide-and-seek, making up dance & cheer routines to our favorite songs, playing 4-square on the blacktop in the school's playground, blankets on the blacktop on 4th of July watching fireworks off Mt. Rubidoux, Red Rover!, playing jacks poolside with Tina and Michelle Rodriguez, tetherball!, using our Slip n Slide as a 'red carpet' into our pool, running through the sprinklers, the Ice Cream Man!
  • the concerts over the weekend ~ seeing my favorite band + my some of my favorite people, singing the Alarm songs out loud, watching Cy Curnin (I have a crush), trying to explain there is no difference between '21' and 'Blackjack' to Antonee, having dinner with Lily who brings Mike Peters over (!), being with my friends and having not a care, good music and good times, up $27 in Vegas - getting a $30 - and leaving Las Vegas down $3
  • one of my employees gave me a CD entitled "The Lovely Miss R's Kitchen Sink" - and it is a total hodge-podge of good music
  • one of my employees actually called to say 'Thank you' for helping her
  • looking at the Christian Louboutin Laminato clutch
  • making this list

What thoughts make you happy, bring a smile to your face? Share in the comments :)