Friday, August 18, 2006

the week in review

Ohhhh what a week!

My Thursdays are spent at the Usual Place with my BFFs. Last Thursday had us at the bar instead of sitting on our couch. I met a great couple from Ireland ~ Syl & Pauline. They were on "holiday" visting the States for the first time. They were a total riot! Let me say I left Resids after 1 a.m. - *that's* how much fun I was having! (and she says we don't meet new people and do new things and have fun) Pauline was completely fascinated by the fact that I could eat sushi - "it's raw fish!" Well, yeah...and rice and avocado, too. The 2 of 'em just couldn't get over it. But, later in our conversation, it comes out that while they were at Toby Keith's restaurant in Nashville or Tulsa or wherever, Syl ate lamb fries. :::shiver::: LAMB FRIES! I'll take sushi anyday, thankyouverymuch! While we're all chatting it up about Michael Collins not having his own brand of whiskey, I notice the indiviual voices of the bar have become one. I look around to see everyone singing. I tune in to hear "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf on the jukebox. WTC?! (homage to Seth) I kid you not - EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE BAR WAS SINGING THIS DAMN SONG! Even Lainey!!!!! Did we suddenly become "Residuals, the Musical"?? WTF?! Hell is freezing as I watch this scene. Even Syl & Pauline are singing. I'll be damned if Seth isn't singing, too. I can't stop laughing at this. I'm amazed and awe-struck. I really can't get over Lainey singing this song (Do you love me? Will you love me forever?). OK...Mandy didn't know the song, so I didn't feel so bad. I mean, I know the song, but not well enough to play a role in the FAME production...ohhh, what a night!

Saturday was Chicken's birthday at D&B (see "I'm 12").

Tuesday night was, of course, Trivia at Hooters in Hollywood. Michael was going to be late, so it was up to me and Mandy to represent. We missed the first 2 questions. Doesn't look good. Michael showed up just after Question 2. The rest of the game seemed to go downhill - we were missing a lot of questions! We did get a few right, but didn't seem like we were making any headway. Until the lightning round! I think we missed 2 of 7. As the hostess read off the winners, we were fairly convinced of our loss. Until she said our name! WOOO HOOOO! Another first place win for Team NOT Jim! :) I was so happy! And our bill for the night? ZERO! I think that's the best part, really.

RockStar Supernova - are you watching this show?! Last night SN chose mah girrrrrl Dilana to sing an original song with the badn - the 1st they've played onstage as Supernova. F'ing fantastic! The song is great - very T. Rex/NY Dolls inspired. You MUST watch this show! I'll be there in person next weekend! Dave and Tommy and Jason better watch out!!!

I'm 12

Dave & Buster's is Vegas, Chuck E. Cheese and a 6 year old's birthday party all in one building. It's overwhelming! If I wasn't before, I'm surely ADD now. The BFFs took Chickens there for her b-day soiree on Saturday (soiree isn't quite right - esp for D&B's -but it rhymes with b-day, so I'm usin' it). I wasn't sure how the whole thing worked - money, tokens, tickets, what? While looking around for some sort of direction, I spotted her...about 10 feet away. I'd recognize the blue, pink and yellow *anywhere*, in any crowd, across any room. I could barely contain my excitement when I walked across to say hello to...Ms. Pacman. Imagine my glee when I saw that Galaga was on the same machine! I almost took a quarter to "call" next game :) Instead, you have to purchase cards; which you then swipe through at any game you play. Much easier to carry than a roll of quarters. I return to Ms. Pacman. SWIPE. The familiar screen and sounds throw me immediately back to The Castle in Riverside, playing these games with my brother and sister for hours...anyway...the joystick wasn't loose enough, the Ms. Pacman wasn't fast enough and the ghosts were much faster than usual. I was bummed I couldn't reach the 3rd screen - that's the best music! Dejected, I stroll around until I came across Donkey Kong. Ohhh, the beauty that is Donkey Kong. I played for a good 20 minutes! No high score, but it was a blast. We played a horse-racing game, a water-gun race, rifle shooting gallery (I am officially scared of Mandy!) and trivia. The 6 of us kicked ass on the trivia! The questions were a mix of history, music, tv/film, sports, art & science - the usual. It was a lot of fun to just sit there and hit a buzzer! Totally lame, I know. The correct answer was immediately shown on the screen, along with each person's answer AND if he/she was right or wrong. How embarrassing! Each of us won tons of tickets. After trivia, we moved to my favorite - Dance Dance Revolution! WOO HOOOO! I have always wanted to try this "game" but never had the guts. So, Chickens and I get up, thinkin' this is gonna be cake. Ohhh, if only wishing made it so! LOL Somehow, we ended up on extreme challenge or something. What the crap?! (homage to Seth) I'm not one of the kids from Fame! I couldn't even figure the damn thing out! I know there are pictures...I saw M&M and the camera! So, Chickens & I fail the first time. No big shock. We tried an easier one, which wasn't so much easier. I failed the easy one, too. Lainey & Mandy didn't do too bad...DDR is one fun game! The music and anime were totally cheesy, but that added to the beauty of it all.

What a great night - friends, fun, dancing, Donkey Kong, trivia and beer! I see D&B in my immediate future :)

Friday, August 11, 2006

it's worth repeating

On Thursday 8/3 at lunch, I ran into George Clooney. Literally! I tried to pass him as he talked with a couple of people in front of the Commissary (one of whom was Grant Heslov, his biz partner), but he turned around and bumped right into me. He said "Oh! Excuse me."

Actually, he said "Oh! Excuse me - you're the most beautiful creature in existence. My name is George. What's yours? Will you have dinner with me tonight? And marry me tomorrow?"

Well, that's what *I* heard him say.

Yeah...I'm pretty sure George Clooney said that to me. Yep, that's it.

It's love. *swoon*

Grease is the word

Picture this ~ a movie theater packed with 30-, 40- and even the lights go down, the curtain parts to reveal an animated opening title sequence. This "cartoon" gives way to a beach scene then segues to a high school campus at lunchtime. Suddenly, all the men in the theater erupt into "Summer lovin', had me a blast!" While the ladies in the theater sing "Summer lovin', happened so fast!" Imagine this going on for 4 or 5 minutes...and you have the beginning of the Grease Singalong at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood! Dude, you *know* I am so THERE! It's the Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Sound of Music @ the Bowl smooshed together and wrapped in pretty paper and a bow :)

Go greased lightnin you're burnin up the quarter mile (greased lightning go greased lightning)...Hopelessly devoted to youuuuuu...Stranded at the drive-in, branded a fool, what will they say Monday at school?...brusha brusha brusha, get the new Ipana...born to hand jive, baby...Ooh ooh ooh, Honey!

I love LA!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tuesdays with Reese

Tuesday nights are reserved for my BFFs and Trivia at Hooters in Hollywood (yeah, *that* Hooters). We discovered this weekly “competition and celebration of the insignificant” while on tour with Flat Stanley. And, if you know the BFFs, we are all about showcasing our trivial skills! Night One had Team BFF on a roll; and we had Team Jim on the run. Mariah Carey, Tetris (who knew?), Texas, Dirty Dancing Havana Nights, Priscilla, Lisa Marie and Riley (it’s the name of my cat) were just a couple of the answers that night. Fast-forward to Night Four and Team BFF has scored two 1st place and two 2nd place finishes. We’re pretty damn good! Do YOU know the last name of Mad Max or which TV sitcom Harrison Ford turned down a starring role on because the central character was controversial? If so, call me – you’re recruited to Team BFF. See you Tuesday at Hooters Hollywood & Highland!

Another Tuesday ritual is taking the subway to H&H. It’s sooo much easier than driving over the hill, getting stuck in the Bowl traffic, getting stuck in the H&H traffic, trying to find parking, paying an arm and leg for said parking, then battling your way to Hooters through the street “performers” and looky-loos. The MTA drops you off in front of the Jimmy Kimmel Show and next to the Kodak Theater AND Banana Republic – how great is that? On our way home last night, the subway was delayed because “there’s a train in front of us and we can’t move yet.” OK. After five minutes and three more announcements, we’re still sitting at the station. Next thing I know, two Sheriffs – one with a rifle, the other with his service weapon drawn – march past the open doors of the subway car. Several things are running through my mind – WTF?! Where are they going? Who’s got a gun? WTF?! Should I stop-drop-and-roll? Duck? Hide? WTF?! While the thoughts are crowding my brain, I turn to the subway car adjacent to the one I’m in to see what’s going on. Natch. The Sheriffs grab some dude, who, by the way, ain’t willing to go along with the Men in Green. Scuffle, scuffle, scuffle. While the sounds of Don Henley drift in my mind – “I will not lie down, I will not go quietly” - a female Sheriff runs into the subway car, only to escort another passenger, a woman, out to the platform. While the woman resisted the cuffing, the Sheriffs paraded the guy past the open subway doors – cuffed, cut and bleeding. BOOM! Subway doors close and off we go to the Universal station. Show over. Lainey & I complained - wait! What happened?! What did they do?! Touch me in the morning, then just walk away. Damn.

Yet another Tuesday custom is Rockstar:Supernova. Are you watching this show? Holy hell it rocks! Premise – a dozen or so rockers get to audition to be lead singer of Supernova – an effing brilliant concoction of Gilby Clarke, Jason Newsted and Tommy Lee (Dave Navarro – just as yummy as Tommy – is the co-host and the icing on the Supernova cake). Last night, the remaining rockers had the chance to sing The Who classic “Won’t Get Fooled Again” with Gilby on guitar. My girl, Dilana, stepped up, took the song, rocked it and put it to bed! She was effing amazing! At this point, it’s all about Dilana and Storm for me; but can easily see Lukas in front. Maybe Toby or Magni. But, Dilana is mah girrrrl!

And it’s only Tuesday!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Ohhhh the people you see...

On Thursday 8/3 at lunch, I ran into George Clooney. Literally! I tried to pass him as he talked with a couple of people in front of the Commissary (one of whom was Grant Heslov, his biz partner), but he turned around and bumped right into me. He said "Oh! Excuse me." Actually, he said "Oh! Excuse me - you're the most beautiful creature in existence. My name is George. What's yours? Will you have dinner with me tonight? And marry me tomorrow?" Well, that's what *I* heard him say. Yeah...I'm pretty sure George Clooney said that to me. Yep, that's it.

It's love. *swoon*

And then, today...8/7 at lunch...Matthew Perry breezed by, looking quite natty in a black suit, unbuttoned white shirt - no tie, smoking. He was headed toward the bathroom outside the Commissary. Explains why he was walking so fast...

Even though no words were exchanged, it's love. *swoon*