Friday, August 18, 2006

the week in review

Ohhhh what a week!

My Thursdays are spent at the Usual Place with my BFFs. Last Thursday had us at the bar instead of sitting on our couch. I met a great couple from Ireland ~ Syl & Pauline. They were on "holiday" visting the States for the first time. They were a total riot! Let me say I left Resids after 1 a.m. - *that's* how much fun I was having! (and she says we don't meet new people and do new things and have fun) Pauline was completely fascinated by the fact that I could eat sushi - "it's raw fish!" Well, yeah...and rice and avocado, too. The 2 of 'em just couldn't get over it. But, later in our conversation, it comes out that while they were at Toby Keith's restaurant in Nashville or Tulsa or wherever, Syl ate lamb fries. :::shiver::: LAMB FRIES! I'll take sushi anyday, thankyouverymuch! While we're all chatting it up about Michael Collins not having his own brand of whiskey, I notice the indiviual voices of the bar have become one. I look around to see everyone singing. I tune in to hear "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf on the jukebox. WTC?! (homage to Seth) I kid you not - EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE BAR WAS SINGING THIS DAMN SONG! Even Lainey!!!!! Did we suddenly become "Residuals, the Musical"?? WTF?! Hell is freezing as I watch this scene. Even Syl & Pauline are singing. I'll be damned if Seth isn't singing, too. I can't stop laughing at this. I'm amazed and awe-struck. I really can't get over Lainey singing this song (Do you love me? Will you love me forever?). OK...Mandy didn't know the song, so I didn't feel so bad. I mean, I know the song, but not well enough to play a role in the FAME production...ohhh, what a night!

Saturday was Chicken's birthday at D&B (see "I'm 12").

Tuesday night was, of course, Trivia at Hooters in Hollywood. Michael was going to be late, so it was up to me and Mandy to represent. We missed the first 2 questions. Doesn't look good. Michael showed up just after Question 2. The rest of the game seemed to go downhill - we were missing a lot of questions! We did get a few right, but didn't seem like we were making any headway. Until the lightning round! I think we missed 2 of 7. As the hostess read off the winners, we were fairly convinced of our loss. Until she said our name! WOOO HOOOO! Another first place win for Team NOT Jim! :) I was so happy! And our bill for the night? ZERO! I think that's the best part, really.

RockStar Supernova - are you watching this show?! Last night SN chose mah girrrrrl Dilana to sing an original song with the badn - the 1st they've played onstage as Supernova. F'ing fantastic! The song is great - very T. Rex/NY Dolls inspired. You MUST watch this show! I'll be there in person next weekend! Dave and Tommy and Jason better watch out!!!

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