Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tuesdays with Reese

Tuesday nights are reserved for my BFFs and Trivia at Hooters in Hollywood (yeah, *that* Hooters). We discovered this weekly “competition and celebration of the insignificant” while on tour with Flat Stanley. And, if you know the BFFs, we are all about showcasing our trivial skills! Night One had Team BFF on a roll; and we had Team Jim on the run. Mariah Carey, Tetris (who knew?), Texas, Dirty Dancing Havana Nights, Priscilla, Lisa Marie and Riley (it’s the name of my cat) were just a couple of the answers that night. Fast-forward to Night Four and Team BFF has scored two 1st place and two 2nd place finishes. We’re pretty damn good! Do YOU know the last name of Mad Max or which TV sitcom Harrison Ford turned down a starring role on because the central character was controversial? If so, call me – you’re recruited to Team BFF. See you Tuesday at Hooters Hollywood & Highland!

Another Tuesday ritual is taking the subway to H&H. It’s sooo much easier than driving over the hill, getting stuck in the Bowl traffic, getting stuck in the H&H traffic, trying to find parking, paying an arm and leg for said parking, then battling your way to Hooters through the street “performers” and looky-loos. The MTA drops you off in front of the Jimmy Kimmel Show and next to the Kodak Theater AND Banana Republic – how great is that? On our way home last night, the subway was delayed because “there’s a train in front of us and we can’t move yet.” OK. After five minutes and three more announcements, we’re still sitting at the station. Next thing I know, two Sheriffs – one with a rifle, the other with his service weapon drawn – march past the open doors of the subway car. Several things are running through my mind – WTF?! Where are they going? Who’s got a gun? WTF?! Should I stop-drop-and-roll? Duck? Hide? WTF?! While the thoughts are crowding my brain, I turn to the subway car adjacent to the one I’m in to see what’s going on. Natch. The Sheriffs grab some dude, who, by the way, ain’t willing to go along with the Men in Green. Scuffle, scuffle, scuffle. While the sounds of Don Henley drift in my mind – “I will not lie down, I will not go quietly” - a female Sheriff runs into the subway car, only to escort another passenger, a woman, out to the platform. While the woman resisted the cuffing, the Sheriffs paraded the guy past the open subway doors – cuffed, cut and bleeding. BOOM! Subway doors close and off we go to the Universal station. Show over. Lainey & I complained - wait! What happened?! What did they do?! Touch me in the morning, then just walk away. Damn.

Yet another Tuesday custom is Rockstar:Supernova. Are you watching this show? Holy hell it rocks! Premise – a dozen or so rockers get to audition to be lead singer of Supernova – an effing brilliant concoction of Gilby Clarke, Jason Newsted and Tommy Lee (Dave Navarro – just as yummy as Tommy – is the co-host and the icing on the Supernova cake). Last night, the remaining rockers had the chance to sing The Who classic “Won’t Get Fooled Again” with Gilby on guitar. My girl, Dilana, stepped up, took the song, rocked it and put it to bed! She was effing amazing! At this point, it’s all about Dilana and Storm for me; but can easily see Lukas in front. Maybe Toby or Magni. But, Dilana is mah girrrrl!

And it’s only Tuesday!

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