Tuesday, October 04, 2011

"Look now, look all around..."

Duran Duran brought their "All You Need Is Now" tour to the Nokia Theatre last week (9.27.11). It was incredible! I hooked myself up with a seat in the 3rd row of the pit. Awesome!

In a bold move, the band opened with a new, slow song "Before the Rain" and it really truly worked. But, we (all 7,100 of us) were ready to get our dance on.

And, the band did not disappoint.

They launched into an extended opening of Planet Earth. Awesome!

Simon and I sing together, I get my dance on and keep my eye on John Taylor. ::shiver:: 

Simon and I hit the chorus...This is planet earth, you're looking at planet earth
Bop bop bop bop bop bop bop bop

John swings around, walks downstage, catches someone's eye and talks.

Uh...yeah...THAT WAS ME! 

Serious. The squealing girls behind me thought he knew me. I had to get confirmation from the girl next to me. "How exciting! He looked at you *and* talked to you!" Awesome!

Check the video...around 2:08 into it. Awesome!

"Damn, girl! You're tall!"

I took an awesome writing workshop on Sunday morning at The Writing Pad. It was all about themed blogging. So informative! We even had a couple of writing prompts - yay :)  Following is my written-in-eight-minutes piece.


I'm 6'2"

I've been this tall since I was 16 years old. I think I finally got sued to my height around age 30. Which was also the time I gave up wearing flats.

I love love love heels! I love how they look. I love how I feel when I slip into a great pair of heels. I read this quote about how a woman in heels talks in paragraphs. I want to talk in paragraphs!

Tuesday night, I had 3rd row seats for Duran Duran at the Nokia Theatre. I didn't get too dolled up, but I did wear my 4-inch orange platform heels. I briefly considered a shorter heel. But the orange added that "pop of color" Clinton and Stacy always talk about.

So, we're standing in line at the bar. "Damn, girl! You're tall!" I hear it at least once a day. "No, it's just the shoes." He looked down. "Yeah, I guess it is. Still hope you don't stand in from of me tonight." Yeah, I hope I don't either.

But, I do know I will be standing - all 6'6" of me - in front of some poor short person. That person will wither play 20 questions with me or stew silently.