Tuesday, October 04, 2011

"Damn, girl! You're tall!"

I took an awesome writing workshop on Sunday morning at The Writing Pad. It was all about themed blogging. So informative! We even had a couple of writing prompts - yay :)  Following is my written-in-eight-minutes piece.


I'm 6'2"

I've been this tall since I was 16 years old. I think I finally got sued to my height around age 30. Which was also the time I gave up wearing flats.

I love love love heels! I love how they look. I love how I feel when I slip into a great pair of heels. I read this quote about how a woman in heels talks in paragraphs. I want to talk in paragraphs!

Tuesday night, I had 3rd row seats for Duran Duran at the Nokia Theatre. I didn't get too dolled up, but I did wear my 4-inch orange platform heels. I briefly considered a shorter heel. But the orange added that "pop of color" Clinton and Stacy always talk about.

So, we're standing in line at the bar. "Damn, girl! You're tall!" I hear it at least once a day. "No, it's just the shoes." He looked down. "Yeah, I guess it is. Still hope you don't stand in from of me tonight." Yeah, I hope I don't either.

But, I do know I will be standing - all 6'6" of me - in front of some poor short person. That person will wither play 20 questions with me or stew silently.

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