Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ABCs of Living

Accept differences.
Be kind.
Count your blessings.
Express thanks.
Give freely.
Harm no one.
Imagine more.
Jettison anger.
Keep confidences.
Love truly.
Master something.
Nurture hope.
Open your mind.
Pack lightly.
Quell rumors.
Seek wisdom.
Touch hearts.
Value truth.
Win graciously.
Yearn for peace.
Zealously support a worth cause.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I'm going down...(Progress Report I)

Friday night was the "moment of truth" - or "D-Day" as I was calling it. In other words, three weeks to the day that I started training and it was time to measure my progress - weight and measurements. The whole week my emotions ran the gamut: nervous, hopeful, petrified, confident, totally freaked out; I had *no* idea what my numbers were going to be! K kept telling me "it's not the number on the scale" blah blah blah. I'm a girl. Of course I'm going to focus on the number on the scale! Duh.

Last night, with hope and dread in my heart, I walked into the gym. Despite reassurances from K, repeating the mantra "the number on the scale just doesn't matter" in my mind and against my better judgment I walked to the scale. With immense trepidation, I stepped on the scale. :::gulp::: K didn't say anything. My heart sank. :::gulp::: "Did I gain?" voice crackling. "Let's go measure." (insert favorite expletive here)! Measured my chest, arms, waist, hips, thighs. K just wrote everything down, said nothing. Here's the verdict:

Weight: -.50 ~ Chest: -1.0" ~ Arms: -.50"/-0.0" ~ Waist: -1.0" ~ Hips: -2.0" ~ Thighs: -2.0"/-1.5"

Not too bad! I can say that now...although last night I was bummed. Truly expected the weight number to be significantly lower ~ especially after three weeks of hard work and determination! But in the bright light of day - and reality - I recognize my strength is increasing, I may need to cut back (or, cut out) wine and beer (insert tears and favorite expletive here), I need to increase my cardio time and, the big one, my blood pressure IS DOWN! I feel really good. And that, too, is important.

This week, I commit to being more focused on & diligent about my food consumption. I can do it. And I will!

Thanks for your support and encouragement ~ I'm inspired, determined and appreciative!

The hunt for my waist continues...