Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I'm going down...(Progress Report I)

Friday night was the "moment of truth" - or "D-Day" as I was calling it. In other words, three weeks to the day that I started training and it was time to measure my progress - weight and measurements. The whole week my emotions ran the gamut: nervous, hopeful, petrified, confident, totally freaked out; I had *no* idea what my numbers were going to be! K kept telling me "it's not the number on the scale" blah blah blah. I'm a girl. Of course I'm going to focus on the number on the scale! Duh.

Last night, with hope and dread in my heart, I walked into the gym. Despite reassurances from K, repeating the mantra "the number on the scale just doesn't matter" in my mind and against my better judgment I walked to the scale. With immense trepidation, I stepped on the scale. :::gulp::: K didn't say anything. My heart sank. :::gulp::: "Did I gain?" voice crackling. "Let's go measure." (insert favorite expletive here)! Measured my chest, arms, waist, hips, thighs. K just wrote everything down, said nothing. Here's the verdict:

Weight: -.50 ~ Chest: -1.0" ~ Arms: -.50"/-0.0" ~ Waist: -1.0" ~ Hips: -2.0" ~ Thighs: -2.0"/-1.5"

Not too bad! I can say that now...although last night I was bummed. Truly expected the weight number to be significantly lower ~ especially after three weeks of hard work and determination! But in the bright light of day - and reality - I recognize my strength is increasing, I may need to cut back (or, cut out) wine and beer (insert tears and favorite expletive here), I need to increase my cardio time and, the big one, my blood pressure IS DOWN! I feel really good. And that, too, is important.

This week, I commit to being more focused on & diligent about my food consumption. I can do it. And I will!

Thanks for your support and encouragement ~ I'm inspired, determined and appreciative!

The hunt for my waist continues...


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