Tuesday, November 14, 2006

let's get physical

How long have I been talking about getting in shape, losing weight and getting back to the gym? Exactly! A longass time. I've exchanged words for actions and am doing it.

I did Weight Watchers for about 10 weeks and did fairly well (lost weight on vacation at an all-inclusive resort). But without exercise, I wasn't doing as well as I could. Actually, I wasn't doing as well as I should. I don't really mind the gym, once I get there. It's the getting there that proves troublesome. I've tried (albeit half-heartedly) to find workout partners or even be self-motivated. And I've thwarted my own attempts. Then, one day, M & Chickens & I were talking about personal trainers. We did some checking around, M did some investigating and we found a place. Ultimately, we all got trainers at Body Image in North Hollywood. Last Wednesday, I worked out with J from Body Rush. It was a goood session, informative and I liked her. The next morning, I met with K from Body Image. I was quite impressed with K's knowledge, background and philosophy. But, what was most impressive about K was the fact that we totally delved into my health issues (my knees and blood pressure) ~ tons of specific questions about meds and movement and stuff. That alone was enough to make the committment to Body Image and K as my trainer. We discussed my goals (silly ones, like finding my waist; and serious ones, like getting off bp meds) and wasn't told the goals were lofty or unattainable or ridiculous. Then, Gerald Levert died. Of a heart attack. At 40. Honestly, that's my biggest fear - dying in my sleep from a heart attack at an early age (40 in six months, it's on my mind). Strange thing, a heart attack: it's something you can't really do anything about, yet you really can. And I am.

I have made a committment to K and, more importantly, made a committment to ME! I've worked out with K and on my own, and feel good. Really good!

I'll track my progress...feel free to check-in, make sure I'm on track :) I'm doing it, People! I am doing it. Wish me luck! And send Aleve.

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