Saturday, March 16, 2013

It Just...Happened

On Thursday, I did something completely out of character.

I registered for the 2013 Nautica Malibu Triathlon. No, that's not a typo.

For a year or so, I've watched friends set and achieve fitness goals - mud runs, marathons, 5K, 10K. I wanted to experience that celebratory high, too. But, how? Doing what? Running isn't for me, I've got boobs and bad knees. I couldn't think of anything fitness-related that didn't involve running.

A work email notified me of an info session for the triathlon. A friend competed on a work team last year, so I knew I could register for one leg of the swim/bike/run relay. Swimming is the only portion that would work for me - low impact is good for the knees, whole body workout, boobs to keep me afloat. Win win!

I attended the session. Painfully obvious I was the least fit person in the room. All of my questions were answered. More importantly, most of my fears were allayed. I didn't have a team, but was assured that swimmers are always needed.

I left the info session feeling good, fairly confident I'd be registered for that triathlon by the end of the month. Walking into the cafeteria, I ran into my pal Marco. Turns out, HE did the tri last year on an HR team. This year, his team lost their swimmer. And, just like that, I'm on a triathlon relay team.

I start a 16-week training program in May. I'll start my own training with a coach in the next week or two. I'm excited and nervous and ready to do this!

Come September 8, I'll be swimming a half mile in the water off Malibu CA.