Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm 12

Dave & Buster's is Vegas, Chuck E. Cheese and a 6 year old's birthday party all in one building. It's overwhelming! If I wasn't before, I'm surely ADD now. The BFFs took Chickens there for her b-day soiree on Saturday (soiree isn't quite right - esp for D&B's -but it rhymes with b-day, so I'm usin' it). I wasn't sure how the whole thing worked - money, tokens, tickets, what? While looking around for some sort of direction, I spotted her...about 10 feet away. I'd recognize the blue, pink and yellow *anywhere*, in any crowd, across any room. I could barely contain my excitement when I walked across to say hello to...Ms. Pacman. Imagine my glee when I saw that Galaga was on the same machine! I almost took a quarter to "call" next game :) Instead, you have to purchase cards; which you then swipe through at any game you play. Much easier to carry than a roll of quarters. I return to Ms. Pacman. SWIPE. The familiar screen and sounds throw me immediately back to The Castle in Riverside, playing these games with my brother and sister for hours...anyway...the joystick wasn't loose enough, the Ms. Pacman wasn't fast enough and the ghosts were much faster than usual. I was bummed I couldn't reach the 3rd screen - that's the best music! Dejected, I stroll around until I came across Donkey Kong. Ohhh, the beauty that is Donkey Kong. I played for a good 20 minutes! No high score, but it was a blast. We played a horse-racing game, a water-gun race, rifle shooting gallery (I am officially scared of Mandy!) and trivia. The 6 of us kicked ass on the trivia! The questions were a mix of history, music, tv/film, sports, art & science - the usual. It was a lot of fun to just sit there and hit a buzzer! Totally lame, I know. The correct answer was immediately shown on the screen, along with each person's answer AND if he/she was right or wrong. How embarrassing! Each of us won tons of tickets. After trivia, we moved to my favorite - Dance Dance Revolution! WOO HOOOO! I have always wanted to try this "game" but never had the guts. So, Chickens and I get up, thinkin' this is gonna be cake. Ohhh, if only wishing made it so! LOL Somehow, we ended up on extreme challenge or something. What the crap?! (homage to Seth) I'm not one of the kids from Fame! I couldn't even figure the damn thing out! I know there are pictures...I saw M&M and the camera! So, Chickens & I fail the first time. No big shock. We tried an easier one, which wasn't so much easier. I failed the easy one, too. Lainey & Mandy didn't do too bad...DDR is one fun game! The music and anime were totally cheesy, but that added to the beauty of it all.

What a great night - friends, fun, dancing, Donkey Kong, trivia and beer! I see D&B in my immediate future :)

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