Tuesday, August 19, 2008

hodge podge

Feeling swirly and scattered; can't seem to find or focus on a blog topic...so I'm going random. Join me, won't you?

~ all about alliteration am I

~ went to a Wine @ Home party on Friday night with the Wineau. The Somersville Chardonnay was delicious! Exactly how I love that wine - oaky and buttery (more butterscotchy). I also bought of Reisling. I know! Those wines are way too sweet for me; this wasn't - will be perfect with spicy Thai food. Of course, I bought a couple of zins and a syrah. I am thisclose to capturing the The Wineau title.

~ dinner party on Saturday night with The Girls. A lot of sangria! Miraculously, my glass was never empty. We made ropa vieja (damn tasty), saffron rice and black beans. Boy did we grub!

~ one of my Gives from the past few days: found out my former boss is leaving the Company; called her and told her how she's been a mentor to me, taught me a lot and is genuinely one of my most favorite people at the Company. I am truly going to miss her.

~ so bummed Harry Potter has been moved to Summer 2009 for release.

~ discovered some new music & rediscovered some not-so-new music - O.A.R. ("how many times must I break til I shatter?"), Zero 7, the Transplants (thanks to the kid with the pink hair on Olive and Alameda!), World Party ('member them?!), 'Graceland' by Paul Simon, 'Boulevard' by Jackson Browne ("nobody nobody!"), Jerry Harrison, Carly Simon, Luscious Jackson and more.

~ Did you know amazon.com has free mp3 downloads? Did you know amazon.com has Deals of the Day - tremendously discounted top-selling albums (1999, Amy Winehouse, the Hold Steady, Peter Gabriel) and it changes everyday! Follow them on twitter.com to get the deals...

~ looks like I'm heading to PhilaPA in November; let's hope the family cards align

~ soooo excited to see Ray Lamontagne play the Wiltern in October!

~ discontent

~ disenchanted

~ listening to the Fixx a lot lately; wow, such smart lyrics! Reminds me of the first few times I heard "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield (some segue, huh?). One word in one line had me running for a dictionary - "wanna tell her that I love her but the point is probably moot." A lot of songs from the 80s and early 90s had me reading through encyclopedias to discover meanings. Richard Blade would explain songs on KROQ, which would pique my curiosity, so off to the library I went! "Boom There She Was" by Scritti Politti, "Hello" by the Blessing, "Stand Down Margaret" by the English Beat, the entire Hurting LP by Tears for Fears.

~ spent a few hours with my Burbank Blvd girls the other night; it's such an easy time with them...love you girls!

~ spending time with them had me reminiscing about the good times all the BFFs had together - really good, funny and fun times.

~ have you seen the fall fashions?! Good grief - I am in big trouble. Big. Huge. Was in Macy's today. Ai yi yi. Oh well. I'll look damn good come fall :)

~ other Gives - sent hand-written cards/notes to a few friends far away; gave myself a day of leisure - I read/finished a book on Sunday

~ did you know Spam comes in single-serving packs?? The price of 3 buys you a can, but sometimes I don't want a whole can.

~ going to see the English Beat with my Gentleman friend, who is quite Sophisticated and Refined thankyouverymuch, next month. Drinks and cameras!

~ peanut butter, hummus and Nutella

~ I want to be in a Fantasy Football league! But not the same one as last year - they were mean.

OK...off to bed

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