Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pray for farts

Barbara ~ known to her friends as Bo ~ has colon cancer. She's 44. She is 44! FUCK CANCER!

She's the most GOOD person I know! Bo has the hugest heart with an amazing capacity for love and unending patience...always positive, always there with a shoulder for crying, an ear for listening and a wide array of home-baked goodies for soothing. And now, she lies in a hospital bed fighting for her life. Hey Cancer, fuck off!

We'll see here this weekend, as she asked us not to come tonight. Yesterday was a bad day; she seemed to be in a positive-frame of mind today. Before hanging up, I asked what, if anything, she needs or what I can do. She said "Pray for farts. Seriously! Pray that I pass gas, it's a good thing!"

So, I will pray for farts. If there was a Fart Dance - like a Rain Dance - believe me, I'd do it.

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