Saturday, August 09, 2008

running on empty

I should really write things down.

Thursday morning I made a mental note to get gas at lunch or after work. Lunchtime was out - we went to Burrito Express. After work was the plan. Until Chickens IM'd - hey, let's go to Original Thai. OK!

Off to Original Thai, chat chat, eat eat, bye bye, hug hug. In the car, on auto-pilot, I drove home.


Fine. Mental note: get gas in the morning.


Woke up late, rushing off to work. I didn't get gas.


After work was the plan. Again. Until @illuminato emailed - hey let's do the new brew pub in Hollywood. OK!

Leave work. On Barham when I see the light The Light. What a funny little shape that is! What the...?! I prayed to make it over the hill and coast down to the gas station.

So much for prayer. In that situation at least. Friday night + Hollywood Bowl traffic + plus normal Barham traffic = Rissa running out of gas.

Pulled over into the parking lot of a liquor store. And waited for AAA. 37 minutes later, with half-tank of gas, I cruised into Hollywood to join my TwitterFriends for an impromptu TweetUp at a cool new brew pub.

Today, I am getting two things today - gas and post-it notes for my car.


MONEKE said...

Its crazy when you find life happens much faster than your gas tank can handle. I hate when that happens. Delay for a party is never cool. But I saw pics and looked like you had a great time.

Hope your doing good hun!

Me, Simply, Me!! said...

That is too funny!! Only because I can relate!! Two weeks ago I did the same thing, kept saying "I'll get gas later, I have enough"...then there I was one day contemplating between stopping for gas or getting a Frosty from Wendy's! I said "oh I'll get the frosty frist and gas next"...then it happened at the drive thru!! I ran out of embarrassed I was! The guys from inside Wendy's came and pushed me out of the drivethru lane and I waited for my friend to bring a gas can with gas! Let me promise you, I'll never let my gas needle get below a 1/4 tank again! At least you had drinks after that..I had a frosty!!