Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fashion Review - B & Lu

It's a fashion post! It's a fashion post! Call your friends. I'll wait...

B & Lu ( ~ Plus Size On Trend

I am new to the b&lu bandwagon. Lys has purchased items (snagging a sweater I really really wanted) and extols the virtues of the b&lu. I've perused several times. Last week, I took the plunge. Let's review, shall we?

Item #1 ~ the Jacey Jacket (silver or gold - I got gold) - $26.00

Gorgeous jacket! I ordered a 3x, which fits fine across my back and shoulders - my trouble areas. However, it doesn't button up. Looking at the website photos, the way the jacket fits the model is how it fits me. I'm okay wearing the Jacey Jacket open over a shirt. Seems well made, material is good; the color is more of a dirty/burnished gold color. I'll keep it! Grade: A-

Item #2 ~ the Willa Hoodie (sage) - $38.00

Love at first sight! Ruffles? Love! Deep V-neck? Love! Stripes? Love! I ordered a 3x and it fits just how I like a casual shirt to fit - a bit loose, very comfortable. The V-neck is deeeep. If you're daring enough, wear a plunge bra and flaunt the cleavage. If you're me, wear a lacy cami or tank under it. I'll keep it! Grade: A

Item #3 ~ Kylie Top - $28.00

Oooh, I love this shirt! Again, I ordered 3x thinking it wouldn't be as snug as described. Yeah, not so much. No matter - it's a darling shirt! I just won't wear it to work. The material is thin, so black bra is recommended. I'm pretty sure I'll keep this shirt; but I'll let it live in my closet for a few days and see if it's something I reach for. Grade: B-

Item #4 ~ the Vera dress $36.00

I love this dress. I don't love sequins. Looking at the dress on the model, I thought "Hmm. Not so bad. I could do it." I can't. Too much with the sequins and too close to my neck. The material is gorgeous, soft; the dress fits beautifully and is so comfortable. But the sequins? I just can't do it. It's going back.

I hope you check out B & Lu ~ great stuff, with some stuff in 4x and/or 5x.

Any other plus-size online shops I should check out?

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