Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pray for farts ~ update

Went to visit Barbara @ the hospital today. She looks great! Much better than I expected, that's for sure. Tube through her nose, down her throat into her stomach - but she's spirited, talkative and positive. She's been passing gas which she says is a very good sign.

Surgery last Friday removed about four feet of her colon, the tumor and lymph nodes. The tumor was malignant, most of her colon distended and three of the 60 lymph nodes tested positive for cancer. Stage 3A colon cancer is completely treatable *and* beatable! Whew.

We enjoyed our lazy Saturday, chatting about this, that and the other...then I left so she could nap.

I am so relieved at this good news. It really was great to see Bo, spend some time with her.

Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts :)

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the slackmistress said...

Cancer sucks, but treatable + beatable = A GOOD THING. yay!