Friday, August 01, 2008

Come on get happy!

Have to get out of this foul I started a list of things that make me happy, make me smile:
  • remembering summer in our neighborhood ~ kickball in street, hide-and-seek, making up dance & cheer routines to our favorite songs, playing 4-square on the blacktop in the school's playground, blankets on the blacktop on 4th of July watching fireworks off Mt. Rubidoux, Red Rover!, playing jacks poolside with Tina and Michelle Rodriguez, tetherball!, using our Slip n Slide as a 'red carpet' into our pool, running through the sprinklers, the Ice Cream Man!
  • the concerts over the weekend ~ seeing my favorite band + my some of my favorite people, singing the Alarm songs out loud, watching Cy Curnin (I have a crush), trying to explain there is no difference between '21' and 'Blackjack' to Antonee, having dinner with Lily who brings Mike Peters over (!), being with my friends and having not a care, good music and good times, up $27 in Vegas - getting a $30 - and leaving Las Vegas down $3
  • one of my employees gave me a CD entitled "The Lovely Miss R's Kitchen Sink" - and it is a total hodge-podge of good music
  • one of my employees actually called to say 'Thank you' for helping her
  • looking at the Christian Louboutin Laminato clutch
  • making this list

What thoughts make you happy, bring a smile to your face? Share in the comments :)

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