Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Regeneration Tour 2008 ~ Los Angeles

What a great show! Holy crap!

I just walked in the door, sat at the comp and logged in to post this blog. I need food and a Vicodin (my knees hurt - I'm old) but I'm writing.

Holy crap! Hold on...must get moment please...

:::gulp::: Ahhh...there!

OK. Where was I?

Oh yeah - holy crap!

What an *amazing* show. Seriously. Regeneration Tour - Human League, Belinda Carlisle, ABC and Naked Eyes. Originally, Dead or Alive was on the bill; however at the end of June, Pete Burns pulled out due to illness. Boo! Flock of Seagulls was set to pinch-hit. Found out tonight we were 'Flock blocked' and left with only the four bands. Dead or what?! Flock of who?! Didn't need 'em!

Naked Eyes opened with 'Always Something There to Remind Me' - which puzzled me. Uh...biggest U.S. hit and ya open with it? Oh well. The Gentleman of Sophication + Refinement and I stayed outside, drinking margaritas, listening to Naked Eyes.

Richard Blade (whom I love) introduced ABC. I was up on my feet immediately. Martin Fry looked quite dashing in black shirt, pants + a rhinestone-studded blazer and he sounded spectacular! He sang the well-known songs plus one new song (which wasn't so bad), the audience standing for the entire set. Except for the guy next to me. He sat there. And applauded. No worries - I danced and sang enough for both of us. I had hoped to hear "All of My Heart" even though it's a slow song; however, I was stoked when he sang "Tears Are Not Enough" and "When Smokey Sings" - fabulous songs!

Belinda Carlisle was next. She looks great! She sounded better than I expected. She sang three Go-Go's songs. That's all I got. (it's sad how Circle in the Sand is still circling my brain)

The Human League. The stage was set with three mics in front; behind that were three stark white platforms - one with a drum machine, one with a synthesizer, one with a computer; behind that set-up were seven video screens. They opened with 'Mirror Man' - strong! Phil Oakey sounded great; but he was quite A.D.D./manic - he just couldn't stand still, running back and forth across the stage, jumping up and down. In between the songs, however, he would yell something ("Hello Los Angeleez!") then stand still. He was fun to watch. The girls - Susan and Joanna - did a few costume changes and danced throughout the whole set. I went more than a little crazy when they played "Love Action" ~ definitely the highlight! Ooh, "Lebanon" was good too. I think my knees popped out while dancing to that song. I don't care! It was sooooo fun and soooo gooood!

Saw several people from work and met a couple of The GoS+R's friends (Hi Dana!)...saw some a couple of interesting people - 6'6" guy in a bright pink short bob wig wearing (p)leather short-short set (his unshaven legs totally trumped the black lip liner + pink lipstick - 'member that look??) and the Pete Burns look-alike in tiiiight leather pants (the quarter in his pocket was tails) a spider web-looking vest with silver hoop connectors and he was rockin' the tall leather boots! He was fun to watch - at the show alone, dressed like Pete Burns, the dude has no confidence issues.

So, that was the show! I'm sure I glossed over some things and/or left out chunks of events. :::shoulder shrug::: I totally got Regenerated tonight!

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