Monday, June 30, 2008

I feel for you...I think I love you

No matter what my girl Lys says about me + fashion, that girl has a fabulous eye! Not to mention equally fabulous fashion taste.

The other day, she blogged about a Christian Louboutin clutch.

Oh. My. Heavens. Take a look at this:

How delicious is this clutch?! How absolutely gorrrr-juss is this clutch? I know, I know - it's a flippin' clutch; it's a little purse. Tis true. It's sexy and luxurious and totally worth the $795.00 price tag. I'm serious. In my mind, it's *totally* worth it because I can't fit into CL shoes (well, at least I can't until I have the 'surgery') and this bag has the classic tell-tale 'signature' ~ the red! ::shiver:: Did you look at the clasp? Did you? Look at it. I'll wait. G'head...

Uh huh - it's a pair of shoes! How darling is that?! Holy crap!

I want this bag. I crave this bag.

Dear Christian Louboutin clutch - I feel for you...I think I love you.

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MONEKE said...

Ok I so went back to look at the clasp.... SO FRIGGIN CUTE! OHMAYGAWD! I want just maybe a knock off cause girl I would not pay that much for a purse.... And its not even a full one its a half of one... come on now hehehe.....