Saturday, June 07, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Home VII

Nine bags of clothes.


That is what I donated to Goodwill and Dress for Success today.

The Princess & the Wineau showed up this morning with mimosa makings, breakfast burritos from Hugo's, big trash bags and a mind-set of what was acceptable to keep, toss or donate. The Wineau was much more lenient in what to keep (as evidenced by the pile of clothes for laundry accumulated by the time the Princess showed up); the Princess was brutal. Brutal. Which was helpful at times. She didn't understand, at first, just how hard it was for me.

I'm having a dozen pairs of slacks made into bermuda shorts or capris. The pants are too short, yet still fit; it's a brilliant way to get me through the season, perhaps even into fall, while I lose more weight.

The Girls were both amazed at the sheer volume of clothes: tons of button-up shirts, particularly black; sweaters/cardigans, particularly black; capris and t-shirts. Good grief I have a ton o't-shirts! I explained that as clothes piled up in the hoarding process, if I couldn't find it, I would buy a new one. Today, I found a lot of 'new' clothes - stuff I haven't seen in ages. I'm going to have a whole new wardrobe!

I still experienced some anxiety with the Girls here (Riley experienced severe anxiety - he hid under the bed all day). Neither one blinked, both loved the apartment layout and spaciousness; yet I still had the hand-wringing feeling as they moved about. Silly. It was just a lot.

So, some girls/women will benefit from nine bags of clothes. THAT feeling trumps the anxiety.

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MONEKE said...

In such a few days your progress is great. Your doing an amazing job. Do not be ashamed to tell a friend you need help if they turn their backs on you then they really weren't your friends to begin with. I see that these 3 people in y our life are going to be there for you in any problem you may have. Bless them for their support and Bless you for asking for help.