Friday, June 20, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Home XX

Shoes. Omigawd shoes!

'Twas my task to go through - once again - and move my shoes. I have several pairs o'shoes on the racks by my front door; the rest are in boxes above the closet. Not very user-friendly if ya ask me. I will admit: if the shoes I want to wear aren't on the racks, I'll pick a pair that is. I don't have time to pull out the step-ladder and go through each box looking for the shoes I want to wear. I will also admit: my wardrobe isn't planned until it's on me. I'll think about what I'd like to wear the next day; but that usually goes kaput when my idea of what it looks like meets the reality of what it looks like.

Anyway, back to shoes. I pulled the boxes out, set 'em up in the living area; pulled all of the shoes off the racks by the door, set 'em up in the living area as well. Then, I tried 'em on. Yep - each and every pair! Carefully considering each pair, the decision was which pile the pair would end up in: Keep, Keep - winter shoe storage, or Give to @moneke. Lucky @moneke ~ four pairs (3 never worn!) are set aside for her!

This wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong - it was still tough! I got caught in a moment, choked then called my Mom. She talked me off the ledge. I proceeded. Experienced a few more moments...and made my way through with direct messages from @moneke.

Project:Shoes was a success ~ winter shoes are in a storage bin; summer shoes are in/on the racks by the door or in boxes above the closet!

Yay me!


MONEKE said...

You are very strong ressi! Those DM's were easy for me to write but I'm sure hard for you to hear. Keep up the great work. I'm standing behind ya all the way!

AbFabDC said...

I just started organizing my closet tonight. I started with shoes. It's a nightmare-ish task.

Mélange said...

Good girl!! Way proud!

Speaking of Project Shoes - how's Project Handbag coming along? @mellerina is sure chomping at the bit for that box! :D

Reese said...

@Moneke ~ your DMs helped me cuz I know my shoes will have a good home!

AbFabDC ~ thanks for posting a comment! Shoes were sooo tough for me...

@melange ~ I gotta get a big box from work then I'll send the bags :)

Thank you all for your support and encouragment :) xoxo