Monday, June 02, 2008

there's a party going on right here...

I am addicted to Twitter.  Lys hipped me to Twitter several months ago; I just never checked it out.  Once I did?  It was over.  I was done.

OK - don't ask me "What is Twitter?"  I can't explain it.  You just have to check it out for yourself.  All I can tell you is that Twitter is fun, informative beyond belief and is what you make it.  I follow vastly different people ~ social media gurus, fashionistas, PR pros, celebrities, friends and random people I find completely fascinating for one reason or another.

A month or so ago, @gregbarnett and @demca decided to throw a shindig - TweetUpLA (not a meet up; a Tweet up)!  And that par-tay was Saturday night.  Damn!

A group of Twitterers from all over the place got together in Los Angeles to eat, drink and talk using more than 140 characters!  Such fun I tell ya ~ WiFi room with @moneke, PR talk with @tofu916, politics, travel and all things offensive with @treo700 and @jacklhasa (who BTW traveled with @scarab from the Southeast to be with us in L.A.!), music and the benefits of having a chocolate fountain with @drumgit.  @gregbarnett set up a photo booth; brave @slackmistress stepped up for her photo shoot ~ that girl got her "@" on big time!

Great people, fun atmosphere...left there with several new friends and a huge smile on my face.

Check out the pictures!

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MONEKE said...

REESE I had such a blast. Girl we must do it again or hang out soon! You ROCK!