Wednesday, June 18, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Home XVIII

The more I read about compulsive hoarding, the less ashamed I feel. The more I talk about it here, the more people respond - many people know someone who is a hoarder. These shared stories are comforting. I honestly feel so alone with this; yet knew there had to be others. I'm glad the shame is dissipating. Somewhat.

I looked at my list from the other day; decided to start in on it. It was overwhelming in no time.

This is what happens: I start with one thing - let's say the first drawer of the dresser. Easy enough to go through one drawer. I look at it, pick up one thing - let's say t-shirts. Well, I want t-shirts to go there; but there's stuff there already. So, I move to there and start to clear it out. I look at it, pick up one thing - let's say books. Well, I want books to go over here; but there's stuff over here already. And so on and so on...get the picture? This is what I deal with each time I look at a drawer or cupboard or storage space or area of my room. A simple task becomes ridiculously overwhelming like that ::snap::! I'm not sure how the whole list thing is gonna work out.

I did more laundry tonight, tossed and bagged up more clothes. Three more baskets to go + sheets & bedding. Got plans for the rest of the week, flying out to Sacramento on Saturday, back on Sunday then tackling the next apartment project.

I'll keep you posted...

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Mélange said...

Buy some totes.

If you want your _____ to go _______ but there's already stuff there...put them in the tote.

Then....when you are done sorting through ______, move onto the first area where tote-stuff is supposed to go. Work on that and continue the process, going from tote to tote.

This is also helpful when you just need to step away for a little bit - you can close up the tote and not see the stack of stuff. Granted, the tote is there, and the job can't be ignored, but this way, you're not staring at the stack thinking about how overwhelming it is.

Baby steps, steps!