Wednesday, June 04, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Home IV

Shared my sordid tale with The Princess and the Wineau last night. I even showed them pictures. God, I love my friends! Neither one blinked when I asked for help with going through the bags of my clothes. Both flipped into 'plan' mode - we set a date and time, set some rules regarding the tossing-out process, made a list of what I'd need (storage bins, clothes hangers, wine, trash bags) and started planning.

So, Saturday...I'm tossing out clothes! This tossing thing will be difficult, fo sho. I know what happens if this gets out of hand, out of control again; and there's no way I can or will let my apartment (or my life) get so consumed by stuff.

Tonight, I brought 2 new dresses into my apartment. I tossed out 3 tops + a pair of shoes for balance. Yay me!


Mélange said...


You recognized what had to happen if you wanted to bring something new home!

You can *SO* do this!!


MONEKE said...

I am just learning of what you are going through and I applaud your efforts on a new start. Girl you taking baby steps to a clutter free life. I will be keeping up on you and CONGRATS on YOUR first step on tossing something out. ((HUGS))