Saturday, June 28, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Home XXVII and XXVIII

Aww crap! I did it again.

I went out and forgot to post for the day. Crap! However, I have a good excuse.

The English Beat! And, of course, Dave Wakeling.

They played at the Hollywood Park Racetrack last night. Good times, good times. $1 beer before 9 o'clock. $1 hot dogs all night long. A lot of people out at the track enjoying the races and the gorgeous June evening.

Upon my arrival, I ran into Antonee and Fernando (toaster and sax, respectively) - one was waiting for the 5th race, the other in line for beer. Antonee bet on the race, choosing a couple of good horses; but he went exacta and lost - even though the horses he chose won and placed. We almost convinced ourselves to walk over to the casino...

Show was good - always a good time with the English Beat. Reggae singer Eek-a-Mouse came onstage and performed a grrreat reggae/ska jam with the guys. Totally fun! Afterwards, talked PR and such with Dave Wakeling; talked life and such with Wayne; then said my good-byes to one and all. I won't see them until the end of July as they embark on the Rockin' the Colonies tour with the Alarm and the Fixx.

Today. Ah, today. I took two huge boxes to the shred bin at work. Damn, I had a lot of paper in this place! Then I hit Target, K-Mart and Anna's Linens looking for new sheers for my front window, cafe curtains for the bathroom and other assorted goodies for my apartment.

K-Mart had the sheers I wanted - sheer voile bright white and sheer box weave ivory - but not in the length I needed. Turns out, that size is no longer available. This boggles the mind! The 63" panels are the shortest any store carries (2 Targets, K-Mart and Anna's + and - grr. I bought the longer length, will try to adjust somehow. The combination of the box weave and the sheers looks very nice. I like the muted tones...the color splashes will come later.

I've been looking for the flatware my Mom had when I was younger. I have one spoon from the collection - Escapade; would like to add to it. I found 2 sites with the pattern but not enough to make a setting for 4. No matter - I bought the pieces anyway! I have a set of flatware from Martha Stewart's collection that I abhor. The handles are cheap; well the whole set is poorly crafted as the handles pull away from the metal, which bends much too easily. This prompted me to look for the family flatware from years gone by...

Going out tonight with my work buddy, CJ - dinner, margaritas and a show - "A Tale of Two Sissies" starring THE Micah McCain, whom I love and adore.

It's almost over :::squeal:::

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