Monday, June 23, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Home XXIII

Rissa's Top Ten Family Reunion highlights:

10. My favorite cousin dancing a hula in a shirt our Grandma gave her. ::sniffle::

9. Seeing baby Lili for the first time. She's adorable - and she's my favorite!

8. Favorite story Number 2 ~ When my Grandma discovered my favorite uncle had started smoking, she put him in the closet and wouldn't let him out until he smoked the whole pack.

7. Favorite story Number 1 ~ Even back in their day, low trou was the style. My favorite uncle followed the trend, much to my Grandma's dismay. "Fine. You want the neighbors to see your underwear?" She made him walk around their neighborhood in his chonies!

6. Non-family member: "I'm going to get my Super Soaker gun." Me: "No, that wouldn't be fair. We all should use the little water guns." N-FM: "Right. *I* would have the advantage." Me: ::low gravelly voice:: "You are a guest here." He walked away, sulking. ::dusting off hands:: My work here is done.

5. The water guns! Don't know who thought of it, but having the water guns was sheer brilliance. Brilliance, I say! Aunt Patricia passed 'em out during the magician (yes, I said 'magician') and it was ON. How lucky to have my favorite cousin sitting right in front of me! She couldn't figure out who was shooting her. :) Later, we teamed up to fight a couple of N-FMs. Oh what fun!

4. The food. We had a traditional Hawaiian luau ~ including kalua pig. Mmmm mmm!

3. Mom singing my grandparents' favorite song "The Hawaiian Wedding Song" ::sniffle:: But doing so without my favorite uncle ::sniffle sniffle::

2. Looking at all of the family photos, reminiscing, telling stories, laughing and marvelling at the fashions/hairstyle choices (mullets and puka shell necklaces were quite the hit in this family).

1. Spending time with my favorite cousins ~ many of whom I haven't seen in forever (!); all of whom have grown up to become good and good-hearted, fun and funny people.

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