Sunday, June 15, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Home XIV and XV

Oops ~ I missed a day. No NaBloPoMo prize for me :(

*this post isn't about home but i need to post for NaBloPoMo!*

Met with my therapist yesterday morning. Didn't glean much from the session...not what I wanted to anyway.

After the session, I volunteered at a private event on the Lot. It was a fundraiser for Paul's Brain Trust - a special screening of Blade Runner followed by a panel discussion/Q&A with Ridley Scott and other cast/crew members of the film. The event was sold out - had to set up folding chairs! I was only able to catch part of the movie, bummer. However, I did catch most of the panel discussion. The fans were fanatical - a lot of questions about unicorns and its meaning in the film; so many questions that Ridley Scott had to say "Please - no more questions about fucking unicorns!" Fabulous! After the discussion, Ridley Scott gave a private tour of the backlot where the film was shot - amazing experience for the ten people who won the opportunity. I met and talked to Hampton Fancher, writer of Blade Runner; roguish and quite charming; funny, brilliant and witty.

Got home around 6-6:30 and was completely exhausted! I was ready to crash but had plans. So I dragged myself out...luckily those plans fell through :::phew::: and I ended up having dinner with a friend. Turns out she's in trouble, needs my help. So, we sat at Mo's in Burbank, discussing a plan of action.

Spent today with my Dad ~ brunch at this gorgeous country club. My sister and her kids, my bro and 2 of his little was such a great afternoon. The brunch spread was incredible and I totally got my grub on :)

I did absolutely no work on my apartment this weekend.

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