Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Boot Camp!

Days I and II

Awake at 6. Out the door by 6:30. At the gym by 6:45. Oh, what a beautiful morning :::insert Howard Keel version:::

8 people in boot camp, 8 different levels.

We did squats. We did squats across the basketball court. We did squats on the plastic step thingy. Followed by more squats. We jogged across the basketball court. Bicep curls. Tricep dips. Lunges. Rows. Chest presses. Crunches. Planks. Push ups. On the step. Over the step. On the ground. I don't think Alisha is trying to kill us but she certainly dances right up to the line without going over.

Day One and I was one with the epsom salts that night.

When I told my friends I'd signed up for boot camp, they all said "Good for you!" No one told me I'd get my butt kicked! Sheesh.

I had a difficult time getting out of bed this morning as it was cold, dreary and misty. Once I got moving, it was okay.

Our group shrunk to 5 today; good thing as we worked inside, upstairs in the corner of the gym.

Alisha made us WORK! It was a lot, back to back to back with maybe 10 seconds to rest or grab water in between. While on the elliptical thingy, chest pains slowed me down. I pushed through because,'s boot camp and you're supposed to. Then floor work and back to the elliptical. Whoa! I had to stop. The pain became tense and heavy, so I sat down. Alisha told me to take deep breaths and just sit. As I did, I noticed the relaxation of my chest, shoulders and neck. Huh. Joining the workout again made me realize I tense those areas in order to lessen the work on the rest of my body. Ha! No bueno. So, I made the adjustments and finished the rest of the workout.

As we were alternating between crunches and push ups, I heard General Public's 'Tenderness' coming from the spin class below. Made me smile as I realized the next 3 weeks of boot camp will end with an English Beat concert (Canyon Club this week, Brixton & the Coach House next week, Las Vegas the week after that). Dave Wakeling as a reward for a workout week well done? Hell yeah I'll take it! :)

Oh, we have to keep a food journal. Pfftt.


Lori said...

"When I told my friends I'd signed up for boot camp, they all said 'Good for you!' No one told me I'd get my butt kicked!"

Did you think "boot camp" would entail massages and mimosas? ;) Hang tough - I know you can do it and you now have a great motivator at the end of the next 3 weeks. And if you can get to that point (which you can), you'll know you can do the rest.

Reese said...

I hoped it would be massages, at the very least!

Lori said...

You have a point - it *would* be nice if they ended a day with a massage for all the participants, and it would help with keeping muscles loose. Perhaps you should suggest it!