Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Several weeks ago, I cried out for help. My world had flipped in ways I never expected. I needed to be strong for others. I cried out looking for someone to be strong for me. Waiting, staring in one direction, help arrived at my side and quietly linked hands with me from some unexpected place.

The first to arrive was CT. She came to me through my compulsive hoarding issues. She's incredibly caring. She's offered help and an ear in the past; it's no wonder she continues to be there for me.

Next on the scene was CP. Completely unexpected coming from some other direction. 

I am always surprised and warmed by those who empathize, who see a person, understands a person and decides to connect and share. The notes sent from CT and CP moved me, brought me to tears. 

Thank you both very much. Very very much. xoxo

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