Monday, January 09, 2006


Living in L.A. gives you plenty of celebrity sighting opportunities. Working in the "industry" pretty much guarantees such sightings. I was almost hit by Matthew Perry on Valentine's Day (it was a SIGN, I know it! Damn my friend for pulling me back from the curb!), the cast of "Ocean's 12" was my eye-candy for a few weeks, President Barlett hugged my Cous and his friends, and I had breakfast with Matthew McConaghey, Penelope Cruz and Isaiah Washington from Grey's Anatomy. The other night, I wanted to punch a teenaged "celebrity". I'm at a restaurant in the Valley with friends. All I want is a picture of the group of us. So, I'm looking around for someone to ask to be our photog. A-ha ~ 6 teenagers (4 boys, 2 girls)! A bit of an inconvenience for them, but WTF. I approach one of the boys "Would you mind taking a pic..." And one girl replies "No." So, I look at her; clearly she wasn't talking to me, was she? "Sorry, would you take a ..." Same girl "Noo." I look at her again and recognition flickers. Raven-Symone. Seriously? Seriously. Yeah. If you don't know, she's one of Disney's hottest tweens & teens commodities - TV show, tons of merchandising ~ Disney's marketing darling du jour. Also, she was the cute little kid on the latter years of the Cosby Show. Clearly annoyed, as I don't tolerate fools nor rudeness well ~ "I want HIM to take a picture of me with MY friends. Not me with YOU." The only teenager I pose for pics with is my niece! I found a much nicer boy with much nicer friends to take our pic.

Clearly, that behavior is truly SO Raven.

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