Monday, February 06, 2006

you say you want a resolution, well, y'know...

I am verrrrry hesitant to put new year's "goals" down in a blog. Ohhhh don't EVEN sit there egging me on! Cuz you KNOW you'll be the first to say "ohh, you didn't do THIS one...ohh, you didn't do THAT one!" OK, you'll be the second. I'll be the first. :) So, against my better judgement, let's just get it over with.

*SIGH*Lemme put it out there: I'm not even trying to pretend that "going to the gym/losing weight" isn't number one on my List. It's *understood* ~ right, Girls?! Ha! Well, if you don't put it out into the Universe, it doesn't come back. Damn.

back to the gym ~ lose weight 30 pounds by May 1st ~ attend Academy Awards® party ~ do more things with my girl friends (see you Thursdays @ Residuals! BFF!) ~ go to a museum or gallery or some other cultural event once a month, alone or with friends ~ throw my hat into the ring to run the Women of Warner Bros. group ~ volunteer monthly instead of quarterly ~ work with Route 7 ~ get at least 3 more clients ~ see more live music (I gotta check out Matty sometime) ~ expand my music collection (take a listen to 'Highway 5' by the Blessing and Morningwood) ~ vacation cruise on the other coast (NY/Nova Scotia/Boston-Cape Cod) ~ do it up Vegas-style for my birthday! ~ meet/exceed goals set by my boss ~ GET THAT DAMN FILING UNDER CONTROL ~ new apartment with an "ocean" view?? ~ and all the other things I've yet to discover/experience this year.

I wish you the best of all things in 2006.

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Lys said...

Go Reese!!! I like the resolutions and your mission, should you choose to accept, is to meet Mr. Clooney at said Academy Awards Party and send him to Orlando :) Not a difficult mission, u think?