Tuesday, February 28, 2006

for the wineaux in you

www.learnaboutwine.com ~ Take a class from Ian (he's quite handsome and knowledgable!); may I suggest the Scents of Wine class or Wine Camp for the novices. ;)

www.vendometolucalake.com ~ Join me - this is where I am Friday nights! Joe & Brian take such good care of me. Thisclose to Joe hiring me to pour...

www.womenwine.com ~ Women & Wine site - take a wine vacation with the fabulous women in your life or meet a group of wineaux such as yourself.

www.winespectator.com ~ THE definitive word on wines. Read the most eloquent reviews by Robert Parker. Subscribe, get a membership and learn about new releases.

www.temeculawines.org ~ It ain't Napa or Sonoma, but Temecula is quickly changing the way wineaux view this Southern CA region. Check out my faves - Thornton, Baily and Leonesse (though all in the area have something great to offer).

Any suggestions for me?

1 comment:

Lys said...

The most I've learned about wine is:
1) Open bottle
2) Pour
3) Drink

Obviously, I need some work *LOL*