Thursday, February 16, 2006

girls girls girls

Of the many blessings in my life, my girlfriends definitely rank in the Top Two. I really can't believe how truly blessed I am to have these women in my life!

  • Allison ~ known her since 1st day of freshman year in high school. We've gone to Vegas to see Loverboy & Cheap Trick; back again to see Bush, Goo Goo Dolls and No Doubt; back yet again to see her get married. She's funny and caring and has a fantastic family.
  • The Girls ~ G, Sheri, Polls, Suz & Mic! Mah Grrrrls! We met through the tall clubs ohsomany years ago and have remained friends outside of the tall clubs. We talk about everything! And there's nothing one of us goes through that another hasn't experienced. G & Sheri have such huge hearts. I wish I had such whole-hearted compassion. Polls is such a delight! Her quips and humor and young-at-heart nature aren't half as admirable as her devotion to her daughters. Suz & Mic. I don't even know what to say. The 3 of us have been through so much together (and apart): pageants, Miss TI, heart surgery, no talking for years, club events, life. I am a better person for having Suz & Mic in my life - both are my cheerleaders and my shoulders to cry on and my Dear Abby's. We're intimidating at first glance. Helloooo! Six women OVER six feet tall?! Uh. Yeah. I can honestly say we're the life of the party. And I can also say I am so effing blessed.
  • BFFs! ~ This is the craziest bunch of women I've ever been honored to call "friends" and it's awesome! Four of the 5 of us live in the same apartment complex. I've done stuff w/Chickens is Ash, and Iggy and with Manders. Then one night, we hit Residuals to meet up with JKAT & Foxy and the BFFs were born! Chickens is Ash reads Ted religiously. She knows what's up in Hell-ay before it gets to US, People and In Touch mags. She's witty and smart and has a great laugh. Iggy and I bonded over vacuum cleaner bags. LOL She's ever-the-hostess, very welcoming and has a great sectional! Manders is so fun to be around - observant and friendly and very laid-back. She also has THE best boyfriend. Ever. Well, top 10 Best Boyfriend. :) And then there's Foxy! She is sooo ham & cheese (read: camera hog) - I love it! Always ready to pose (shoulder forward, chin up or shoulder forward, finger on chin). She is full of energy, quick to laugh and can text faster than I can talk! The BFFs share the love of reality TV (Bachelor!), wine, gossip and boys. I can count on these girls for anything and everything - a laugh, a speech, a celebration, a comisseration, a good time. Love US! Mean it!
  • Lys - sheesh. WTF do I begin with THIS one?! Immediate click with her. Both of us were skeptical of the other in the beginning, as our IM/email conversations were peppered w/questions (well, what do YOU know about him? How do YOU know that?). Despite that, we became fast friends. I admire her business sense, her seemingly limitless knowledge of PR, unending list of friends & contacts and her commitment to what she does. We share a passion for fashion and PR and music and all things good in life. I've learned so much from her ~ and continue to do so. I appreciate her friendship more and more.
  • K ~ our friendship started as co-workers. I've grown to admire her every time we lunch or talk. She's a strong woman with an even stronger sense of self. I'm not sure she recognizes it. She's smart and opinionated and unafraid to speak her mind and her truth. I so admire that! I'm always afraid what someone will think. She's great! I don't know too many Kid Rock loving, Beastie Boys singing vegetarians :)

Thanks for sharing you with me.

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Lys said...

Awwww... I'm getting all teary :) Ditto!! *LOL* at the apprehension *LOL* soooo you knew who when.. ohhh.. so that's who he wrote to ;) Mi roledex is su roledex.. Thanks for always being there and also for keeping me out of Clooney's office. "I just want the pen on his desk".