Friday, September 15, 2006


"Taxi! You need taxi? I got taxi!"

He´s got M&M´s bags, loading them onto a dolly and reaching for mine. I figured M secured a taxi, but his expression clearly said WTC?! I pulled my bag away just in time for some purple-vested guy to say "Come with me!" He´s asking where we´re staying while guiding us through the gauntlet of purple-vested people to a huge desk. Behind the desk, the most courteous, wide-toothed grinning guy starts firing questions. I´m thinking he´s from the Allegro property with a shuttle to take us there. Nope. Bastard is trying to railroad us into a timeshare brainwash presentation. Dude - give me my map and my paper and get me the hell out of here! FINALLY we get outside with the sketchy bag-grabbing "You need taxi? I got taxi!" guy. Mind you, there are no other taxis out here. It´s a van. Mandy & I look at each other - WTC?! My insides, once again, have become liquid. What else can we do but climb aboard. Turns out, we were ripped off on the fare. But, we arrived safely - that says something. And, we had a great driver! JoseMiguelManuelErnesto recommended which places to eat at in town, which tours were the best, showed us the new property called the Mayan Resort (ohhhh more on THIS to come), and stopped in front of the wildlife reserve to see the crocodiles.

We pull up in front of the Allegro Nuevo Vallarta resort - gorgeous property! And sitting in a huge overstuffed chair in the open reception area is a dark-haired guy wearing a white shirt, khaki shorts and a huge smile. It´s Marc! :)

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