Tuesday, February 20, 2007

random notes on a boring weekend

Sick all weekend ~ post-nasal drip, coughing (yeah, Aly, shoulda given up smoking thanks), nose-blowing, more coughing, followed by more nose-blowing. OH! Bought "Soft & Silky" tissues from the 99 cent store. HA! False advertising if I've ever heard it! It's like blowing my nose on a piece of bark. Ouchy!

WTC happened to Britney?! In rehab no longer than elementary school recess. Then, shaved the head. Tra la la. And off to the tattoo parlor. Apparently, she's been tooling around town in a short blonde wig. Umm...not the Office of Family Welfare or anything, but...WTF are your kids?! Part of me feels so sorry for her. Part of me just doesn't understand. Part of me wants the media to just back the hell off. Seriously.

Did I tell you about the job interview? It went really well. Better than I expected, actually. I'll let ya know...

A LOT of people have been asking me about the Secret, The Secret on Oprah and the Secret on Oprah follow-up. In turn, I've been asking others and myself about what I've seen in the Secret. Inspiring, enlightening and butt-kicking (got pictures for my visualization board). Dr. Michael Beckwith and James Arthur Ray are 2 of my favorites from the Secret. I was taking copious notes - many of those will end up on my board.

Watched an interesting and disturbing Tyra show today. Two white people, hidden behind a 2-way mirror, faced 3 white people and, based upon looks only, made judgements. Harsh. The 3 people being judged were yelling back, assuming the disguised voices were blacks making comments. Then, a black guy, who hates being black, hates black people and, admittedly, worships white people, was disguised by a make-up artist to be "white" for a day. His demeanor changed the *instant* make-up was applied: he sat up straighter, he was happier, he became chatty. Then, he was set adrift on Rodeo Drive for the day. He approached strangers, very gregarious and charming, overly chatty. But, he was being followed by a TV camera, so of course people are going to let him pet their dog, baby talk with their kids, answer when he sing-songs "Helloo! How are you todayyy?" Once the guy had to end his charade, again, his demeanor changed: stooped shoulders, sad downcast eyes, it was like taking candy from a kid. The guy, Lawrence, really hates himself...hates being black...and couldn't see any thing good about himself. I cried. A long time ago, Lawrence was me. I wasn't quite as polarized as he. But, could have easily gone there. That's a whole other topic for a whole other day. The phone rang about this time, so I didn't see the end of Lawrence's tale...

Car chase in the Valley this afternoon! Live on most of the news channels, some guy, allegedly, rammed his car into a campus police officer then the chase was on. The guy was all over Pacoima...and the news guy on Channel 11 was pissing me off. He kept challenging the maneuvers - or, lack thereof - of the LAPD. Channel 11 had a police officer on the phone explaining the tactics which officers could use. "So, why are they not just speeding up and bumping his car, Officer?" Well, duh news guy! See the people in the cars? See the people waiting for the bus? Yeah, bump the car, bump the people. After a 20-25 minute chase, the car stopped, the dude got out and was immediately surrounded by police. He wouldn't comply with the request to get down on the ground. Instead, he started approaching the cops! Hellooo - suicide by police! I was thinking the camera would pull-out, in case he was shot. They didn't. Anyway...he was either tasered or peppered, taken down and taken away. Later, a witness said he kept yelling for the cops to shoot him. Dang.

Hugh Grant on Ellen. He's darling, really. "Music & Lyrics" is a cute flick - and it's one of mine, so go see it! Seriously, the movie is very cute. The first 3-4 minutes is a music video and it's all things good about the 80s ~ cheesy lyrics, cute musicians, corny "story" line and catchy tune (Pop! Goes My Heart). Girls - go see it. Hugh shakes his cute little arse too many times to count :)

A past event recently grabbed my attention and had me digging into it again. On an email group I belong to, a woman posted a horrifying tale of death, grief and heartache. Undoubtedly, the story evoked so much emotion from hundreds of people. A lot of goodness reached out to this woman in her time of grief. Heartwarming, at the least. Subsequent emails from this woman slanted the story which made people question the validity. The whole thing turned pretty ugly and the woman disappeared from the group. I found her last week. And asked her about the story. She lashed out at me, said a lot of vile things and asked me to leave her alone. All I want, in a response to her, is to know if she perpetrated a hoax or not. In a lengthy diatribe reply to me, she admitted the story she posted was "not correct" and listed several excuses. Ultimately, I guess, there's really no point to this story...it's just been on my mind. I really wanted resolution. I really got it.

That's all I got, folks.

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