Monday, December 10, 2007

all seven and we'll watch them fall...

I got tagged by Shannon for this one.

Seven Things Most People Don't Know About Moi:

1 ~ When I was in elementary school, I wanted to change my name to 'Mary' or 'Susan' because you could always find those names on little license plates, mugs or pencils.

2 ~ I've kept a journal since I was 20.

3 ~ After my espadrille adventure, I wanted to find a doctor who would cut off my toes, file down my foot bone, then re-attach my toes so I could fit into a size 9 or 10 shoe - much easier to find than 12s.

4 ~ I was seriously depressed about turning 40 this year. So, I went to Hawaii, pampered myself at the hotel spa, went to a ridiculously fabulous restaurant and took a surf lesson for my birthday. Nothing like half a dozen hot hot hot firemen teaching me how to surf. In Hawaii. :)

5 ~ I have road rage. No gun. But I can spew some vile language at stupid people who drive.

6 ~ When I was 30, I won a pageant and traveled all over the U.S. It was the year I discovered me.

7 ~ I love love love the TV show "Gidget" with Sally Field and watch the DVDs over and over and over.


Shannon said...

Thanks for responding.

If you ever find that foot shortening doctor, let me know.

Wow, #6 sounds impressive. I bet you have some great stories.

Lys said...

Tres cool. Now here's a challenge Ms. Reese - 100 things :)

And totally random: My word verification is lbuloos. Is Blogger trying to tease me with Loubous??? GRRRR

Reese said...

100 things?! Seven was tough!