Friday, December 07, 2007

because your ideas are better than mine...

Thank you for saving me, Sarah!

Since no one else has an interesting blog topic, Sarah C posted what she was wearing. Sarah I-don't-know-her-last-initial snagged it, posted what she is wearing. And, in fine fashion, I snapped that sucker up and am posting my version. I love sharing.

Today is my group holiday extravaganza! We're off to Burke Williams Spa for four glorious hours of massages, facials, pampering and relaxation. Then off to The Ivy for dinner. Last year, Steve Perry sat next to us at the Ivy. I hummed "Don't Stop Believin'" all night. He kept saying "When I was with Journey..." or "Back in my Journey days..." or "...with my band Journey..." all night. So hard not to laugh.

Anywho...I'm wearing the frosted grey pleated top from Torrid, dark denim Right Fit jeans from Lane Bryant, black slingbacks with silver buckle from Nordstrom Rack, dangly silver & pearl earrings and a slim silver bracelet.

What are you wearing?


Sarah said...

i love gray satin!! so chic!

Zenta said...

STEVE...PERRY...SAT NEAR YOU? Oh...MY...GAWD...! *swoon*