Saturday, September 20, 2008

Like The Slackmistress. But without Acne.

I love the Slackmistress. She's witty and smart; gorgeous and fun. The first post I ever read at the slackdaily was about her Trader Joe's encounter. Thursday, I had my own encounter.

Vons in Burbank/Toluca Lake is my favorite grocery store, not only because it's very close to Work, but I used to see Bob Hope there all the time. If he could take the Road to Vons, hell - so could I. Thursday night in the produce section, looking for tomatoes, a guy is staring at me. you go to a lot of English Beat shows? Define "a lot" - gimme a number.

Uh...I do indeed. Thirteen shows so far this year. That's a lot, isn't it?

I saw you at the Canyon Club at the front of the stage. And I saw you at the Malibu Inn at the front of the stage. Do you ever get up on the stage?

No! I don't. Hi, I'm Rissa.

Mark and I chatted for a bit about ska, UB40 at the Canyon Club (tonight!), the guys in the band and 80s music. Then, he was on his way ~ See you Saturday night!

It was an English Beat-themed week as I learned two ladies at work had personal encounters of their own in the 80s with the "white guy" in the band. Neither one believed I was a fan of their music and a friend of the band. "Ohhh, a groupie." That term makes me laugh.

Anyway, check out The Slackmistress. She's much more interesting!

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the slackmistress said...

Yeah, but you're tall and gorgeous and have fabulous fashion sense!