Saturday, September 27, 2008

She's out of my life...

Remember The Purse? The ridiculously gorgeous Christian Louboutin Laminato clutch? Lemme refresh your memory...

Ahhh's all coming back to you now...isn't she precious?!

I'd been hoping Nordstrom would get her in-store in time for their triple points week, but this was not to be. No matter - she would still be mine. Everyone in the Handbag department knows I've been on the wait list since July and how serious I am about her. I get updates - "Oh, it should be here in August! Or September." I just haven't received the call.

Thursday afternoon, we went to Saks in Beverly Hills. While strolling through the huge handbag department, I saw her. She was right a glass encased wall display. It wasn't actually her - as she is pewter; it's her gold sister.

"Would you like to hold it?"

She's smaller than I thought. She's much more gorgeous than I thought - pictures don't do her justice. The clasp is darling, the signature red lines the inside and she looks good in my hand. Swoon

I've come to the decision to let her go. I know, I know! She is such a gorgeous clutch...she's the special occasion clutch. She's the clutch for the Grammys, the clutch for the holidays, hell she's the clutch for going out with the girls on Saturdays! But she's just not what I need. sniffle sniffle

My obsession is over.

Practicality. That totally bums me out.

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MONEKE said...

OMG my life has been in shambles for the past few months and I totally missed this BIG NEWS EVENT!!! How on earth did you get her out of your life? I remember you and the waitress were talking about this Purse and it being such a GREAT BUY!!!