Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm baaack

I'm a little stunned I've let so much time's not that I don't care. It's just that I haven't been able to craft a sentence lately, much less an entire post. I'll be rambling now, thankyouverymuch.

Creative Writing class has started once again ~ yippee! These women are phenomenal writers. I am in awe and inspired after each class. Our in-class assignments are hit and miss for me ~ I can write immediately about one topic while others stop me in my tracks. I think I try too hard; overthink and don't let it come naturally. I've been working on that on my own. We'll see what happens. Oh, turns out our final assignment is to write an essay. EEK! I have NO IDEA WHAT TO WRITE! We'll be brainstorming in our next class...

Christmas was good. We gathered at my brother's house so his little ones could be at home to open gifts. I was late. The rain, the stupid people driving ridiculously fast in the rain, the spinouts. Good times. I was so frazzled by the time I arrived. Anyway, it was good to be at home with family. Most times I see the fam is when we're celebrating birthdays or special occasions at restaurants. It's fun, good times and all that; but nothing beats being at home, relaxed with the kids running 'round. It was a very loving and warm day. KJ got some sort of device that adds beads to her hair. My bro told Mia "Break it." But the look on KJ's face was priceless as she pranced around with multi-colored beads in her hair. KP got a new Spiderman bike - which promptly fell apart. But seeing him in his gear (Spiderman helmet, elbow and knee pads) was 10x better than him on that bike. And little K-Man. He is all boy and energy! Run! Jump! Throw! Yell! Run! Jump! He's only 18 months old! Sheesh - an auntie can get worn out and rundown by all 3. The best thing is seeing each kid and his/her relationship with my brother. It's beautiful and so loving. "Da!" "Daddy!" "Ahh Dada!" I'm heartstruck every time. Then, I think - WTH?! That's my brother! ;)

What else...what else...hmm...saw the English Beat on 12/20 at the Key Club with The Gentleman and the Wineau. SUCH a great time! Such a bizarre night in terms of people: my myspace stalker was there, a gal I interviewed was there, the Vons incident guy was there, a lovely woman I met via myspace was there - surprising because she's from New Hampshire! We had a great conversation about why she was in town (her brother died and his organs had been donated; the organ donor organization has a float in the Rose Parade on which they are honoring her brother with his picture made of flowers! The organization flew her and her sisters out to see it; and it just so happened that the EB were playing nearby and ta-da! She's there!). Some lady and her drunk husband/boyfriend/lover/whatever were standing so close behind me, I thought we were wearing the same clothes. She was loud. Not normal concert "WOOOOO!" loud; obnoxiously drunk loud. AND?! In my ear. I kept turning around, even asking her to be considerate. But, of course that was a FAIL. She purposely yelled in my ear. So, I accidentally stepped back onto her toes. Oops, my bad! And, somehow my elbow connected with her belly. Oh, dear! Did I do that? Ultimately, they moved. Then fled quickly after her drunk husband/boyfriend/lover/whatever threw his empty beer bottle on the stage as the guys walked off. The security guard was pissed. Not just pissed. But pissed! When people started pointing out the guy, they took off. It's always something at these shows. Always something.

I've been writing and sleeping today. I can't shake this cold! I was on the downside of it before I had a massage...I couldn't fight off those released toxins and it knocked me out. So, I'm struggling, once again, with this sickness. Someone please tag-team me out. I'm over it!


OK, back to bed.


Lys said...

Welcome back to bloggin' Reese!!! Sounds like you had a fab holiday with EB goodness to boot.

JNez said...

hey there. missed you. glad your christmas was spent with family. hope you're feeling better soon. sooo many people aren't feeling well, including me :-(