Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm a Midnight Rambler, baby

I wish I could write.

Sit down, pen to paper (fingers to keyboard, as the case may be), sans prompt and just write.

Write something witty and warm; something biting and sarcastic; something open and real and insightful. Yeah. But I can't. Honestly, I am amazed I made it through three Pamela sessions!

I often sit - like I am now - desperately wanting to write. Somehow, random words or snippets or scenes come to me and I think I could write something with this or about that. Then, I stop to analyze - where did that come from? Where can I take this? Has this been written about before?
This is not my beautiful house! Where does this highway go to? Am I right, am I wrong? And I say to myself: My God, what have I done?!

So, I stop. I analyze. I talk myself right out of writing. What is that?! Why is that?!

One hurdle is that I have trouble closing or ending a story. I have pretty good openings. My middles are sometimes muddled and rambling.

Hmm...maybe I should just write openings. That's it! I'll write essay openings and story beginnings, turn a clever phrase or two then let someone else finish what I've started. Yeah, that's the ticket!

My class assignment? To collect those snippets and scenes. Your class assignment? Complete them.


Writing isn't that hard at all.

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