Sunday, January 02, 2011

NaBloPoMo 1.2 - The Gentleman

The Gentleman of Sophistication & Refinement

We met at an English Beat concert (surprise, surprise). The Princess and I were making our way toward the stage at the Canyon Club. We ended up standing near this tall guy.

"I just want to apologize to you right now. This is my favorite band and I'll be singing off key and dancing and yelling. So, if I hit you or make your ears bleed, I'm sorry."

We danced and sang that night and he snapped pics of me and The Princess. It was such fun!
And so began a lovely friendship.
Since then, The Gentleman and I have enjoyed tons of shows ~ Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Prince, the Specials, Rockin' the Colonies tour, two Regeneration tours and, of course, more English Beat shows. We'd spend Sunday mornings with That Girl drinking bottomless mimosas at Saddle Ranch then wile away the afternoons inside Universal Studios. We bought a Map to the Stars Homes and set out to cross all the names off the list. We spent a day at California Adventure riding two rides, drinking and waiting in line to get pics with Disney characters.
I often tell The Gentleman he and That Girl saved my life. I keep saying it because it keeps being true! These 2 got me out of my house, got me doing things again. The 3 of us pal'd around, explored our city and had tons of fun! We're camera whores, every adventure is well documented on Facebook, myspace and/or Flickr.
He is witty, snarky, funny and a good friend.

To The Gentleman of Sophistication and Refinement ~ thank you :) xo

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