Thursday, March 03, 2011

American Idol ~ Hello Top 13!

I haven't watched AI for about 3 years. The talent just wasn't up to par - in my opinion, Simon had become a characature and the new judges were just not interesting. And, I missed the "ooh whoa whoa."

The addition of J-Lo and Steven Tyler did not appeal to me, at first. However, throughout the audition process, nothing but good things were said about both. So, I started watching 'Hollywood Week.'

Saw some amazing and talented singers. Cringed and cried when some chick said she didn't know the Beatles. Cringed and cried once more when the top 24 were announced.

2 nights and 40 million votes later, we get our Top 13. dun dun dun!

Oh, wait ~ Steven Tyler in pink ruffled shirt and leather jacket? Yes, please.

Scotty ~ deep voice kid. Country singer. I'm out.

Jacob Lusk ~ God Bless the Child. Done. Over. The end. I'm IN!

Paul McDonald ~ the whitest teeth I've ever seen. His Beatles duet with Kendra (who didn't make it) was fantastic. I'm IN!

James ~ Judas. Priest. Hell. Yeah. I'm IN!

Casey ~ Stand up bass? Aww, yeah. I dig him all the way. I'm IN!

Stefano ~ Not as impressed as J-Lo. I'm out.

Lauren ~ isn't she 16 or something? I'm in.

Pia ~ I have no recollection of her singing. At all.

Thia ~ I dig her all the way. I'm in.

Ashton ~ got lucky with the Wild Card. She was good.

Karen ~ I knew she was in when she sang Mariah Carey's Hero in English and Spanish. She got the demographic right.

Naima ~ Steven loves her. My jury's still out.

Hayley ~ I got nothing.

I think the guys are strong in this season; wide variety of styles and appeal. I'm sure someone can (and will) say the same about the girls; just not impressed yet.

What say you?

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