Monday, March 12, 2012


My iPhone died late yesterday afternoon. I am lost.

No Words with Friends.
No Scramble with Friends.
No text with friends.
No Instagram.


A friend on Facebook posted "Don't you feel free? Like, it's a vacation?"

No. No, I don't feel free! I am truly sad. I had to wake up to the buzz buzz buzz of an alarm clock instead of the lovely voice of the lovely George Michael singing "Wake me up before you go go!" I missed my 2nd alarm, as well...the equally lovely voice of the equally lovely Simon LeBon encouraging me to "Reach up for the sunrise! Feel the new day enter your life!" buzz buzz buzz

I was so desperate that I actually blew into the connector port of the phone like it was some video game cartridge! I'll have to spend my lunch across town at the Apple Store, praying they can fix it.

Until then, iSuffer.


Mel said...

That's how I felt when my Blackberry died a couple weeks ago. I still had texts and BBM, but no internet whatsoever. No Twitter, no Facebook, no maps. It was like going back in time and using a rotary phone.

Jewels said...

When I got my smart phone, my friend told me it would change my life. I didn't believe her, but it's true! I'd be so lost without it!