Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Girl of 100 Lists

My Top 10 Celebrity Crushes

1. Maksim Chmerkovskiy ~ the best butt on television. He's sexy (even if he waxes his chest) and when he moves? Swoon. He makes me feel like the girl in the disco from Saturday Night Fever - "Maks, can I wipe your forehead?"

2. the Tweed Simmons family ~ I am so in love with them all! Their rapport with each other and the family dynamic is so loving and fun and hilarious. I want to be a Tweed Simmons!

3. Nikki Sixx ~ sigh. Love me some Nikki. He's passionate and determined and unafraid of his heart & emotions. And sexy as hell!

4. David Muir ~ ABC new anchor. I discovered the joy that is David Muir during my insomnia period. He was on the earrrrrrly morning news, relaxed, slightly disheveled and darling. Now, he's moved up to Good Morning America correspondent and ABC Evening News fill-in. Anderson Cooper has SO been replaced!

5. Terry O'Quinn ~ Locke from LOST. Helloooo! Sexy.

6. the kid from High School Musical ~ Sick, isn't it.

7. Garth Kemp ~ local ABC weatherman. He's got the sexiest voice...a former DJ on KLOS in Los Angeles. And he's, like, 6'5" or something!

8. Dave Wakeling ~ lead singer of the English Beat. Always loved Dave! Developed the crush when I was in 9th grade - singer, cute, words that resonated with my 15-year old heart. Took every opportunity to see The Beat play in and around L.A. during the 80s, my crush securely in my heart. Saw him again a month ago and the crush was renewed! I think it's more of an appreciation and admiration of him now. But, ohhh he's still cute!

9. JC Chasez ~ dunno. Inexplicable, really. Nonetheless, it's a crush. Eva Longoria sat next to me at a nail spa and I wanted to ask her to hook a sistah up with his number. She fell asleep.

10. Adam from Maroon 5 ~ this spot belonged to Joe Elliott until yesterday. I heard Adam on the radio with Ryan Seacrest. I tuned in just in time to hear Adam say "there are a lot of girls out there I just want to feed. I want to tell them to eat something! I don't really like skinny skinny girls." Yay, Adam! I heart you.

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Lys said...

OK.. Malcolm does have a foine, stress FOINE behind - seriously - men should aspire to look like that from behind...

As for the Tweed-Simmonses - love that show... those kids are hilarious and not a sign of the Brandon Davis/Paris Hilton complex of many future hollywood children...