Friday, May 11, 2007

my obsessive fascination is in your imagination

I work for a living, breathing Fashion Plate. Flip through any Lucky, Vogue, Marie Claire magazine and 90% of the stuff in there is already in the closet of my VP. Same with the style issues of People & US Weekly - "oh, I have that!" I love me some fashion, as well. And, this one time...flipping through an issue of US Weekly, 2 items listed in the "must-haves" section were already in my possession. Ohhh, what a feeling!

Since November - when I started working out - I've had to curb my clothing appetite. I bought some 'transition' clothing and a few pieces for work to, uh, tide me over. In that time, my focus has turned to handbags. Ai yi yi! My current fascination are bags with chain handles or bags with quilting. I see all the gorgeous bags in Nordstrom ~ the quilted Chloe bag, the numerous Marc Jacobs' bags with the clinky chain handles ~ and I drool. $1200 for a purse?! Dude, that's rent. So, I stick to the solid purses found at Target. I'm not knockin' it! Nuh uh! Isaac Mizrahi designs some great, great bags. Uh...hi - who's carrying his red leather tote? C'est moi, people!

My VP has the quilted Chloe bag. I love it. LOVE it! I call it 'our' bag. Before vacation, I picked up the People Style Watch magazine. One of the articles "I Really LOVE my..." focuses on a celeb who is usually paparazzi'd with one particular item over and over. The celeb? Mischa Barton. The item? The quilted Chloe bag. I drool, a little. The bag is so gorgeous! In the lower corner of the article is a picture of the bag with the caption "OWN IT!" I found the Chloe bag *and* the Marc Jacobs bag ~ each for less than $60! *Plus* I had a coupon code for free shipping!

Next week, dear Friends, I will be oh-so fashionable in my new DvF-inspired dress and my new Chloe-inspired bag. Talk about budget fashionista!

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