Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gleaming the Cube

Jaimes & Bizek took me to Cube last night for a belated birthday celebration. I love love love this place! It's a cool cheese bar/deli/restaurant on La Brea. They don't have a liquor license thus no corkage fee. WhatyoutalkinboutWillis? Seriously. Bring you own bottle(s), they'll crack 'em open for ya. And provide the glasses. Cube *has* applied for the license and currently awaiting...Adam ensured us the corkage fee would be 'nominal' (read: less than $12). I'm hoping for $8 corkage.

Anyway, Cube has a regular menu - pasta, salad, etc. But ya gotta do the cheese & meats samplers! The cheese bar list is categorized: hard cheese, soft, semi-soft, bloomy rind, blue. We picked six cheeses (including blondies best and tallegio) and 5 meats (including the yummy mole salami - "it tastes like Christmas!"), added a Divine salad, 2 bottles of wine (an excellent big Seghesio Zinfandel and a tasty Hamel Pinot - mmm!) and chowed down. Cube gives you roughly an ounce of each cheese & meat (surprisingly, enough to split and share), presented on separate chalkboard trays, each cheese labeled with name, origin (cow's milk, goat's milk) and 'geographical location' in chalk. And there are accoutrements: nuts, crackers, jellies/jams. Really goooood stuff! On our 2nd round, we had the best blue cheese ever - gorgonzola dolce. I could *not* get enough of that stuff. Sooo good on spread on the lavash bread with a slice of prosciutto. T to the A to the S-T-E-Y. Our most excellent waiter, Adam, even brought me a caramel brownie - with a candle! - for my birthday 'cake'. Love that Adam :)

Ohhh, I got a bottle of wine from J&B: Bitch. Yep. Bitch Barossa Grenache wine! Do I have great friends or what?!

Let me know when you're in L.A. or when you want a mellow night out - I'll take you to Cube. And, I'll bring the wine!


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Zenta said...

Hey - my brother lives in the Barossa Valley. Now you have a reason to come (wine tour) that suprsedes your reasons NOT to come (massive spiders). YAY!