Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ooh whoa whoa ~ Idol in Hollywood

Idol's in Hollywood this week! (Shh - it's really Pasadena)

My random thoughts on tonight's 2-hour show:
  • I am so over Ryan Seacrest.
  • Brooke ~ the 1st singer is very good! I love love love Carole King (after this, I'm off to iTunes to look for Tapestry)
  • I love me some Simon. Is it just me or is he hotness? He's hotness.
  • not sure I'm on baord with the instruments; it's distracting.
  • Really? Drums? Where's Daughtry when ya need him...
  • OK ~ I'm all aboard the Love the One You're With guy!
  • I miss the 'ooh whoa whoa' vocal from Idol's first season theme intro
  • totally digg the Rocker Nurse chick who sang the Doors ~ vocally reminiscent of Grace Slick; I agree with Simon that that could get old.
  • Hooray for the 'forgotten lyrics' montage! It's a personal favorite. Would rather watch weeks of that than the poser 'singer' auditions.
  • David with guitar singing Bryan Adams. Paula called it 'soothing.' Really? Was she listening?
  • Oooh! "most vicious (cut) in Idol history!" Taking histrionics lessons from Chris Harrison and the Bachelor ;)
  • ooooh! I love the tension before the cuts!
  • No competition show is complete without the bitter contestants saying "blah blah blah people who don't deserve to be here" or "blah blah blah just wish I was given the same/fair chance like everybody else"
  • OK - nerdy/someday I'll be President guy? If he makes it through, he's the Sanjaya of 2008.

Tomorrow's gonna be awesome!

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