Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ooh whoa whoa ~ Top 10 Boys 02.26.08

We've gone from 24 to 20: 10 men, 10 women. Let's hope those who can, bring it. Tonight is Songs from the 70s. This...

is American Idol.

~ Michael Johns - Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac. Ohhhh. Not doin' it for me, Dawg. He's very...bouncy. But not too impressive with the vocals tonight. He'll be around cuz he's hot. Simon agrees with me.

~ Jason Castro - Be Your Everything by Andy Gibb. Yes, I said Andy Gibb. Jason rocked Andy Gibb tonight. I liked it. Seriously, I did. Sorta sweet and sorta strange. I think singing with his guitar is some sort of protection thing...would like to see if his vocals get stronger without it.

~ Luke Mendard - Killer Queen by Queen. Interesting choice. He totally lacks the sass that Freddie has on the song (OK, yeah, it *is* Freddie...but still). Not doin' it for me, Dawg.

~ Robbie Carrico - Hot Blooded by Foreigner. He's not 'rocker.' Bo Bice and Chris Daughtry were 'rocker' ~ ooh, speak on it, Randy (he agrees with me). He looks like Justin Timberlake.

~ Danny Noriega - Superstar by the Carpenters. He really does look like Hannah Montana. Hard to hear this song because 1) Ruuuuben auditioned with it and killed it. Killed. And, 2) it's the Carpenters. *sigh* Anyway, not doin' it for me, Dawg.

~ David Hernandez - Papa Was a Rolling Stone by the Temptations. I really like this. He could use more grit...overall, I'm surprised by how much I like this.

~ Jason Yeager - Long Train Runnin' by the Doobie Bros. He makes the song sound lounge-y. Deanna from RockStar INXS did this song much better. Ohhh, you are not long for this competition, my dear. Not doin' it for me, Dawg. Damn, Simon - brutal.

~ Chikeze - I Believe to My Soul by Donny Hathaway. Another of my favorite songs! When Ryan teased 'Donny Hathaway' going into commercial, I was scared. Surprisingly, not scary at all! I like it. Get funky now! Sad that he let others bastardize his name when he was growing up...

~ David Cook - Alright Now by Free. He's rockin' it. This is how I expect Robbie and Jason to sound. He blew the lyrics throughout the whole song, no one called him on it. He should lose the guitar, engage the audience more. Don't think Simon likes David much - Simon blew David's retort out of proportion.

~ David Archuleta - Imagine by John Lennon. Very nice interpretation. Wow. That is doin' it for me, Dawg. :::chills:::

The girls sing tomorrow night ~ and I'm going to miss it, once again. Read Aimee Greeblemonkey's recap.

I'm thinkin' Jason Yeager, David Cook or DannyMontanny will be goin their own way...

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